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YRC Freight Upgraded Carrier Integration Released

Finding the right carriers is critical to building a winning shipping strategy for your operations and logistics teams. At Pacejet, we're always looking for carrier solutions that add additional options for our customers. YRC Freight is a carrier that many of our customers look to for their LTL needs, as they are known for their deep experience in retail and their ability to meet tight deadlines.

Read more to find out about YRC and benefits of the enhanced integration support offered by Pacejet.

yrc_truck.pngWhy Customers Choose YRC

With more than 160 combined years of experience moving freight and more than 58,000 transportation professionals, YRC Freight receives recognition from all areas of the transportation community. They were recognizes as a 2016 Top 100 Trucker by Inbound Logistics for "consistently providing premium service, reliability, scalability –  the watchwords of supply chain professionals who need to provide service to their increasingly demanding customers." 

YRC makes it easy for first time shippers to set up an account and provides a variety of services for North America, with expertise in multiple verticals. Whether you require white glove service or your shipments are time-critical, YRC can help.


Integration Notes

The upgraded YRC integration with Pacejet supports a full complement of rating, shipping, tracking, and voiding functionality that is available for any Pacejet user running popular ERP integrations and for custom integrations via the Pacejet API. This latest YRC integration upgrade adds electronic tendering, a new option to retrieve and print a YRC-specific bill of lading and shipping labels, and ProNum values are automatically returned.

Rates can now be displayed in a preferred currency, an account zip setting can automatically determine a shipping role (supports 3rd party accounts), and the new YRC accelerated class of service is supported.

Activating the YRC integration is similar to activating other freight shipping carriers, including setup for printing bill of lading (BOL) documents, capturing ProNum values, etc. Existing Pacejet customers who already have an earlier integration version can request help from support to evaluate their connector version for upgrade or to see if new services are needed.


Get Started

If you are an existing customer, you can learn more about new carrier integrations by contacting the Pacejet support team. Not sure which carriers are right for you? Read our article on how to pick a shipping carrier.

Or, if you are new to Pacejet, contact our sales team and they will talk with you about all of your company's shipping needs.


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Please note that this enhanced integration does not imply endorsement by the carrier; your contract and business relationship will continue to be managed by your company and the carrier. 

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