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Fully Connected Shipping

USPS Shipping Upgrade Now Available

Pacejet is pleased to announce availability of upgraded USPS quoting and shipping features via an enhanced integration with Endicia. New USPS improvements for Pacejet were first announced in the post "Taking a Fresh Look at USPS Shipping" and are now being rolled out for new implementations and on-request with existing users (standard practice is to push automatic upgrades to all users after an initial 30-60 day period of on-request upgrades). Faster freight quotes, multiple account support, new shipping services, pre-printed return labels are among some of the great new features you might want to activate. Read on for more details.


Top Reasons to Upgrade Now

The initial roll-out of enhanced Pacejet USPS shipping is available on request for existing users, so what are some of the top new features that might motivate you to activate new USPS now? New multiple account support allows shippers to register more than one Endicia account, associate those accounts with Pacejet facilities, and then segregate shipments based on locations or business rules. If returns are becoming more important to your business, new pre-printed USPS return shipping labels might be of interest to you. If you're fine-tuning your USPS shipping you might be interested in new services like Priority Express, Standard Post, Critical Mail, First Class Package International (and more), you might want to look closer at new mail piece shapes like flat rate legal envelop, flat rate cardboard envelope (and more), or perhaps new sort types or new shipments services could help you save money or improve service. And if functionality improvements aren't reason enough, the new USPS quoting and shipping is faster than ever since the full complement of USPS services can be returned in freight quotes at once instead of with multiple requests required in the previous version.

How The Upgrade Works

Upgrading existing Pacejet users to the new USPS connection involves installing a new connector in your Pacejet environment and then re-registering your Endicia accounts. You may also want to register multiple new accounts and setup facility links if you're interested in using the new multiple account feature, or that can be deferred until later setup steps. Refinements to start using other features can be incrementally introduced after the initial upgrade is complete, so you don't need to make all of your decisions on new feature use at the time of upgrade. Contact Pacejet support for help in determining when and how you want to coordinate your upgrade and we'd suggest practicing any configuration changes in your sandbox environments prior to deployment in production.

Consider Commercial Plus Pricing

While you're thinking about upgrading your USPS shipping features, you might want to consider commercial plus pricing as noted in our recent "Get 46% Off Shipping With Commercial Plus Pricing" post. Since you'll be re-registering your Endicia accounts anyway, it could be a convenient time to make the necessary account adjustment to start saving money. Remember there are no volume commitments, on contracts to sign, so it's just about saving money on USPS shipping.

Coming Soon: More Carrier Improvements

Don't worry if you're not a big USPS shipper, there are other improvements with other carriers coming soon. Certification on our enhanced FedEx features is proceeding well, so keep an eye out for a post on upgrading your FedEx shipping features. Enhanced support for the latest online UPS shipping is also in the pipeline along with quite a few new enhancements in LTL and 3PL shipping services. We'll be upgrading a new Carrier section on the Pacejet.com website to help make it easier to zero in on carriers and services but in the meantime, feel free to reach out an ask about a carrier or service you need.


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