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Fully Connected Shipping

Enhanced Canada Post Integration Adds Improved Domestic and International Shipping

Pacejet is pleased to release an upgraded integration to Canada Post. Customers will receive many new and significant features with the enhanced Canada Post shipping support provided by Pacejet.

This includes support for end of day manifesting with the Pacejet loads module, preprinted return labels, reference field mapping, mailed on behalf support (third party accounts), commercial invoice document printing, and more.

We're delighted to see this update expand our support for Canadian shippers. Make sure to read on for more detail.


 Why Customers Choose Canada Post

Established in 1867, Canada Post is Canada's primary postal operator, delivering over 9 billion items every year. With their extensive range of delivery services, Canada Post offers reliable, cost-effective shipping solutions for small and large businesses. 

Here's a snapshot of the many shipping options Canada Post offers its customers: 

  • Join the Solutions for Small Business program, which boasts rewards and savings for members of up to 36% on domestic shipping and up to 47% savings on shipping outside Canada.
  • Offer customers important options such as the ability to choose Canada Post during online checkout and the ability to have simple international shipping that is both fast and reliable.
  • Grow your business further with additional options for medium and large companes that focus on an end-to-end ecommerce experience.
  • Ship from a warehouse or your store--Canada Post promises fast delivery. and great service no matter what location you ship from.
  • Tailor your offerings with Canada Post's enterprise services for medium and large businesses to allow either your internal team or the customer to decide whether speed or cost is most important for each delivery.


A New Canada Post Experience

We initiated the upgraded Canada Post integration due to requests from current Pacejet shippers. Users requested basic additions like return shipping, preprinted return labels, better reference field mapping, and delivery confirmation support. We also heard you when you asked for Commercial Invoice document retrieval and "mailed on behalf" support to use third party accounts.

Beyond these basic improvements, the new Canada Post integration completely refactored the shipment manifesting process to use the new Pacejet loads module. Daily shipments will now be automatically added to a Canada Post load, where they are visible as the load builds during the day. End of day processing now involves staging and completing a load to trigger Canada Post transactions, as well as printing of the shipment manifest.

The latest update also includes corrections for reported issues involving special services, missing rates with expedited services, better postal code formatting support, and more.


Activating or Upgrading Canada Post in Pacejet

Canada Post integration in Pacejet can be activated by Pacejet's team of services and support specialists and implemented with standard setup of classes of service, workstations and printer configurations, and necessary markup rules for processing shipping costs into your ERP.


Get Started

If you are an existing customer, you can learn more about new carrier integrations by contacting the Pacejet support team at help@pacejet.com. Not sure which carriers are right for you? Read our article on how to pick a shipping carrier.

Or, if you are new to Pacejet, contact our sales team and they will talk with you about all of your company's shipping needs.

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Please note that this enhanced integration does not imply endorsement by the carrier; your contract and business relationship will continue to be managed by your company and the carrier. 

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