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Fully Connected Shipping

Get Your First Carrier Bill of the Year?

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Annual rate increases, new carrier pricing to charge by size (aka "dim weight"), increased fuel surcharges, and new service fees -it's enough to stress out anyone! Many business are seeing increased shipping costs of 10-20% or more this year and are just now feeling the impact as new carrier invoices start arriving.

Kick These Bad Shipping Habits: Webinar Recording Now Available

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Shippers spend plenty of time balancing many priorities of every aspect of their process, like doing more with less, improving profits and keeping customers happy. While shippers focus on these priorities, bad habits can pop up that affect the bottom line.

Here's How to Kick Those Bad Shipping Habits

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The new year means a start fresh and the desire to rid ourselves of behaviors that don't do us any good. When it comes to shipping, there could be some bad habits in your process that cause you to lose time, money and customers. The top three habits shippers have a hard time breaking, but affect the bottom line, include: