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Fully Connected Shipping

Easier and More Accurate Shipping to Retailers with Multi-Level Scan-Pack

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Shipping to retailers can require businesses to meet a complex set of demands including GS1/UCC128 labeling of pallets, cartons, and master packs along with more rigorous data capture for Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) EDI transmission. Failing to comply with customer requirements can include costly charge-backs, cancellation of orders, or even the loss of a customer altogether. Pacejet is excited to announce our Multi-Level Scan-Pack solution, a more advanced form of our popular Scan-Pack module built to support easier and more accurate shipping to retailers.

Read on to learn more and see the video demo.

Meet retail, customer, and industry label needs with Pacejet Advanced Compliance Labels

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As your business grows and you ship more boxes or pallets to retailers, distributors, or large customers, how can you keep up with ever more complicated labeling requirements? One customer wants a contents label on every box, while another requires a GS1/UCC128 retail label. Some customers want simple pallet labels, but others need specific label formats with penalties for non-compliance.

Shipment labeling requirements can start small, but they have a way of snowballing into a maddening mix of custom layouts, complex barcodes, and special printing rules. Fortunately, Pacejet Advanced Compliance Labels provides a powerful solution to get a grip on this complicated area of shipping. Read on to learn more.

Pacejet 18.3 release with webhooks, Scan Pack performance, and more

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We are pleased to announce the Pacejet platform 18.3 release which includes new webhooks functionality in the Pacejet API, major performance improvements for Scan Pack, updates to support an upcoming major upgrade of UPS parcel and freight, new visualizations support for ShipOptics™, and many usability improvements and software corrections.

The 18.3 release is scheduled for the first week of October deployment for all users and will not fundamentally change your primary user experience. Existing Pacejet users will be notified of final upgrade scheduling for your specific location via Pacejet in-app notification. Please read on to learn more about the Pacejet 18.3 release features.

SoTel Systems conquers hidden charges and fees using Pacejet Freight Audit

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Serving U.S., Canada, and Latin America, SoTel Systems is a cloud-service provider and distributor of business-class communications. With over 36 years of experience in their industry, SoTel Systems has been shipping with Pacejet within their NetSuite environment since 2009.

As their market continually changes, SoTel Systems is constantly in need of innovation. Read more to learn how Pacejet helped SoTel Systems optimize their shipping strategy to help them save money on their freight costs.