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Fully Connected Shipping

4 Essentials for Fully Connected  Shipping in the Modern Enterprise

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Whether your business ships parcels to people, pallets to stores, or a combination of both, the agility of your shipping ecosystem can make or break your bottom line. By leveraging a fully connected system, you are able to remove outdated systems and technology, saving you time and money. We’ve put together the 4 essentials you need to elevate your business to a modern enterprise. 

Remove outdated systems, multiple portals, and time-consuming manual entry with these key insights.

Reduce Costs and Errors with Automatic Address Correction

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One of the more frustrating shipping errors is a simple addressing mistake that results in a carrier charge-back fee, a returned shipment, or both. With the growth of online commerce and more shipments coming from multiple channels, it's easier for addressing errors to creep into ordering and fulfillment processes. Fortunately, Pacejet offers an address correction service that helps you find and fix bad addresses before you try to use them.

Will 2015 Put the Spotlight on Shipping?

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2014 was a year of change and challenge in the shipping industry. Fuel spikes and then drops, driver shortages, rate increases, lower-than-expected holiday sales, and new dimensional rules for pricing parcel shipments were just a few of the "big stories" that made it difficult for shippers to keep up. But with the new year, many shippers are finding themselves positioned to think positively about growth and focus more on profit.

Quoting Freight in the Life-Cycle of Orders

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Sometimes you need to quote the cost of shipping at multiple times during the life-cycle of an order to ensure you get the best rates and services for you and your customers. Pacejet provides tools and ERP-integrated business processes that help you include real-time freight quoting with e-commerce websites, sales quotes, sales orders, order fulfillment, and other transactions. Having real-time shipment pricing information available as an integrated part of your sales and fulfillment processes can increase sales win rates while helping you keep a tight eye on profit margins.