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Fully Connected Shipping

3 tips to eliminate extra freight shipping costs

Having a multi-carrier shipping solution is a great way to reduce cost, but an even greater savings can be gained by ensuring your processes are tuned up to get ahead of common problems that result in hidden freight shipping costs.

Learn more about how Pacejet’s rate shopping can help save your business money while drawing attention to the carrier changes at each stage in your shipping line so that you'll never be behind the curve.

 Freight shipping with PacejetAs your business grows, so does your shipping bill, and every month many common errors can take place throughout your shipping line if you aren’t prepared to stop them in their tracks. Our clients see the biggest cost savings when they are using Pacejet with their ERP to the software’s fullest capabilities.

How much money could you save by avoiding common freight shipping surcharges or miscalculations? We want to help your business save as much as possible, while remaining efficient and competitive.

3 Pacejet tips to help eliminate some unexpected freight shipping costs:

1- Use Address Validation. It’s likely that your business has experienced sending packages to incorrect addresses in the past. We know how costly shipping errors like this can be and want to help you avoid unnecessary business expenses.

With Pacejet’s Address Validation, you can streamline your shipping operations to ensure packages and pallets arrive at the correct location, every time. Add in Pacejet’s Address Validation to make both you and your customers happy.


2- Make sure your DIM weight calculation is accurate. Have you audited your company’s process for determining DIM weight recently? How sure are you with that it's efficient?

Hidden costs can occur within your process if it includes manual data entry on the shipping line. And you know if DIMs are off, you will be charged additional fees by the carrier. Just a few common reasons for incorrect DIM weight’s include not only data entry errors, but, additionally, shipping minimums and shipment consolidation.

FedEx has this handy calculator on their website and can be used as a great check and balance when auditing your DIM weight process.


3- Leverage one interface. Having all of your data from carriers, sales, inventory, and orders in one place saves you time, but also, decreases room for costly errors. Connecting your shipping software directly with your ERP ensures all of your business’s information is housed together to eliminate room for errors.

Having access to your picking, packing, and shipping data together will not only help you view your shipment holistically, but it will also help your business see the cost savings in one common, comfortable user interface.

These are just a few tips to help your business drive down freight costs and keep your shipping process consistent.

Pacejet can help you exceed expectations

Pacejet transforms the shipping dock into a launching pad for profitability. This starts with a best-in-class cloud-based solution, surrounding it with the consultative support that enables customers to thrive in the 21st century shipping economy. Contact us today. Visit http://pacejet.com, call 877-722-3538, or email info@pacejet.com.

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