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Your Fall Shipping Tune-Up, Tips On Where to Start

Now that leaves are starting to fall and the days are getting noticeably shorter, it's time to start thinking about a tune-up of your shipping operations. Enhancements that generate just 1% improvement can add up to $10k-$20k or more annual cost savings for even small shippers. Now might be the time for bold new carrier changes, "test marketing" of new shipping services, or maybe your situation is better suited for some incremental process improvements. Wherever you are today, here are a few tips on where to start with your fall shipping tune-up.


The daily grind of shipping can feel like just "getting the paperwork done", so it's good to periodically step back and review the shipping services you are actually buying and using for most of your orders and customers. Who are your top 1,2,3 carriers? How much are you spending? How often are you expediting? How often are you paying for shipments instead of customers? Here are a few Pacejet blog articles and videos that can help with your review:


Once you have some updated data on the shipping services you're actually using day-to-day, you can more easily give some thought to ideas for change. Of course a great place to start is by asking your customers what they think about preferred carrier services or the cost and quality of shipping for their orders. With data in-hand and customer feedback to augment the data, you can also directly compare the price of similar shipments across carriers as another way to benchmark value for you and your customers. As you review actual results and talk with carriers, don't forget that Pacejet contains a readily accessible history of shipments you can put in front of your carriers to demonstrate transparency and awareness. Take a closer look at these resources for more detail:


As much as you planned, piloted, and tuned your initial ERP and shipping implementation, you probably had to make sacrifices to meet your project budget and timeline. It's also important to keep in mind that cloud-based shipping software like Pacejet is constantly being enhanced with new features, so there is a good chance that there are new ways of doing at least some of the core shipping processes you implemented at first go-live. Now would be a good time to ask about new tools you could be using, advice on speeding up a process, or questions about data flowing out to carriers and back. Here are a few articles and videos to get you thinking about ERP integration and process improvement:


Yeah we know, it's hard to believe that summer is over and fall is here.  Good luck with your shipping tune-up and reach out if we can help.

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