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Fully Connected Shipping

Syntron Material Handling enhances workflow with Pacejet

Using multiple portals and systems to scan, pack, and ship, Syntron Material Handling needed a software solution to remove steps in their shipping process and save them time. With roots in their industry for over 125 years, Syntron Material Handling is a major player in the mining industry. Their machinery assists with everything from handling coal and iron ore to power generation and food processing. With company values including safety and sustainability, collaboration, innovation, and being customer-centered, Syntron needed a shipping solution to help them put their customers first.

During their search, they discovered Pacejet was the solution to all their shipping needs within their Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) ERP. Using the out-of-the-box solution with their ERP wasn’t an option due to the complexity of their shipping line and their shipping volume. Syntron needed a platform to help them manage their heavy shipping volume that also had compatibility with 3PLs. They landed on Pacejet for a few reasons.

Condensed timeline of implementation

In addition to having relationships with Syntron’s 3PLs of choice, Pacejet didn’t require extensive time from Syntron’s internal team on implementation. Pacejet’s personalized approach to implementation helped Syntron’s get the features they needed in a quick and efficient timeline. Using the science of shippingTM, Pacejet’s implementation team got Syntron up and running, operating all in one interface, and shipping with fewer steps within their tight timeline.

“Pacejet is an integral piece of the puzzle for Syntron to be successful moving forward. Pacejet’s implementation team went above and beyond to meet our condensed timeline of implementation.”

—Josh Schwartz, Systems and Network Administrator at Syntron Material Handling

Download our case study and read more about how Pacejet helped Syntron Material Handling optimize their shipping line, streamline their workflow while saving them valuable setup time.


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