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Fully Connected Shipping

SoTel Systems conquers hidden charges and fees using Pacejet Freight Audit

Serving U.S., Canada, and Latin America, SoTel Systems is a cloud-service provider and distributor of business-class communications. With over 36 years of experience in their industry, SoTel Systems has been shipping with Pacejet within their NetSuite environment since 2009.

As their market continually changes, SoTel Systems is constantly in need of innovation. Read more to learn how Pacejet helped SoTel Systems optimize their shipping strategy to help them save money on their freight costs.

Inundated by shipping invoices

Shipping with UPS and Fedex, SoTel Systems receives weekly carrier invoices which provide a range of details so that users can review and audit their shipping. However, with SoTel Systems shipping almost 1,000 shipments a week, they needed a way to cut through the clutter and get to the root of their freight overages. The account team at SoTel Systems often found it necessary to spot check invoices and do a high-level overview instead of diving deep into each invoice due to the sheer volume.


Automation and innovation with Pacejet Shipping Solution

Pacejet and SoTel worked together to integrate Pacejet’s Freight Audit module as part of an early release program. During this process, SoTel was asked to try out this new feature, provide insight, and ultimately help shape our freight audit services for other shippers partnering with Pacejet. Our new solution leverages the detailed shipping records in Pacejet for SoTel’s daily UPS and FedEx shipments with an easy process to drag and drop weekly carrier invoices into Pacejet to report on an audit of 100% of shipments.

With all of their shipping data combined with the uploaded carrier invoices, SoTel is able to easily review expected costs versus actual invoiced costs, and highlight issues like dimensional differences, resident charges, address corrections, and more with one easy view within their NetSuite/Pacejet portal.

“Pacejet’s solution for combining shipping data with invoice detail makes the process of auditing all of our shipping costs much easier, more efficient, and transparent. We’re excited at the level of visibility provided by Pacejet freight auditing and the opportunities it creates to reduce costs and improve fulfillment efficiency.” — Aaron Early, Chief Operating Officer at SoTel Systems

Interested in learning more about how SoTel Systems saves thousands on their freight costs with Pacejet Freight Audit services? Click the button below to read their success story.

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If you are a current customer interested in learning more about Freight Auditing, reach out to our Customer Success Manager, Mike Panichi  at customersuccess@pacejet.com. If you are new to Pacejet and interested in this module, reach out to our sales team at sales@pacejet.com and they will be happy to speak with you about your shipping needs.

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