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Shipping Growth By the Numbers for This Year, As More Online Commerce Challenges Carriers

At the risk of sounding repetitive, it has been another big year in shipping growth fueled by expanding and changing patterns of online consumer shopping. As over the last few years, continuing trends include strong growth in mobile purchasing, surges at Black Friday and Cyber Monday, record-level of packages delivered, and an overall increase in total retail now transacted online. Putting some of the growth in perspective by the numbers is always an interesting exercise, so today's post will highlight some of our favorites.


Read on for more shipping numbers this year...

This Year in the Numbers

A by-the-numbers look at shipping patterns this year generally followed previous years patterns with a few surprises. We were surprised to see mobile take 34% of total sales (most of the growth happened in mobile) and to see the overall order value remain flat. It is still an amazing number to think that 15% of all retail shopping during the holidays is now happening online.  More numbers of interest:

  • 11% Year-Of-Year E-Commerce Increase predicted by Adobe for Nov and Dec to total of $83B
  • $3.07B in Cyber Monday Sales this year as the largest spending day this holiday season
  • $2.47B in Black Friday Sales this year as the second-largest spending day this holiday season
  • 20% Increase in Black Friday Sales measured by Adobe over last year, 34% of sales via mobile
  • $125.25 Average Per Order Value reported by IBM compared to $123.45 last year during Thanksgiving
  • 8% Increase in Parcel Volume compared to U.S. shipping volumes from last year at this time
  • 10% of All Retail Online, 15% In the Holidays according to Forrester research
  • 947 Million Packages estimated to be delivered by UPS/FedEx between Black Friday and Christmas
  • 545 Million Packages estimated to be delivered by the USPS in December
  • 36 Million Packages estimated to be delivered on Tues by UPS on their busiest day
  • 90 to 95% On-Time Delivery Rate variation depending on the carrier and end of year week
  • 5 Seconds is now the time that 75% of users would wait for a site to load before moving on
  • Amazon.com is the top online shopping destination, Walmart.com is now number 4

So What Do The Numbers Suggest?

Consumer shoppers continue to prefer online shopping over brick and mortar and the end of year rush shows this preference is 50% stronger than during other parts of the year. Desktop buying still leads but mobile is growing very rapidly. Amidst all that extra buying this year, shoppers don't appear to be spending more money with each order.  Another important data point in the numbers is that carriers experience a wide fluctuation in on-time delivery as their networks are stressed, so planning ahead seems to be a wise precaution every year.

Resources For More Info

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