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Pacejet 18.2 release with freight audit, API upgrades, dimensioning, and more

We are pleased to announce the Pacejet platform 18.2 release which includes the initial release of our new Freight Audit module, an upgrade to the Pacejet RESTful API, new dimensioner support via Cubiscan, and more. The 18.2 release is scheduled for mid-July deployment for all users and will not fundamentally change your primary user experience. Existing Pacejet users will be notified of final upgrade scheduling for your specific location via the Pacejet InApp notification system.

The new Pacejet Freight Audit module will help your business reduce shipping costs and detect carrier invoicing errors by matching the detail in carrier invoices to your actual shipping records. For Pacejet API users, the upgraded API (identified as version 2.0) includes a new ShipmentStatus endpoint, new actions with existing endpoints, improved request consistency, better error handling, and more detailed logging. And for users connecting measurement equipment to Pacejet, our new dimensioner support and Pacejet Scale Connector upgrade provide new features and improved connectivity.

Please read on to learn more about the Pacejet 18.2 release features.


Freight Audit

Tighten accuracy of your freight costs with Pacejet's new Freight Auditing module. Our Freight Audit module will be released for "limited availability" (by request through support or your Customer Success Manager). Our Freight Auditing tool will help you reduce your shipping costs and eliminate carrier invoicing mistakes by matching your carrier invoices to actual shipping records within Pacejet. Our technology sifts through thousands of carrier invoices to uncover hidden cost savings in your actual shipping data. 


Key features for the initial version of Freight Auditing in 18.2 include:

  • Import freight invoices into Pacejet with flexible data maps for multiple carriers
  • The Initial release includes standard import data maps for UPS and FedEx parcel invoices
  • Standard audit reports for UPS and FedEx with review of invoices costs across invoices
  • Visibility to additional fees for dimension, address correction, return shipment, and more

For a deeper dive into how our Freight Auditing module works and how it can save your business money and time, visit our website, download our datasheet, or view our demo on our recent blog to learn more. 

Scale Service and Cubiscan Support

Another enhancement with Pacejet's 18.2 release includes our new version of the Pacejet Scale Connector for USB scales which replaces IIS with a standard Windows service and improves setup and usability.

Release of new dimensioner integration providing electronic capture of package dimensions and weight in standard packing and scan pack. Initial dimensioner support is certified with Cubiscan model 110.


API Version 2.0

With our 18.2 release, you'll see a major upgrade to the Pacejet API (v2.0). Available as part of this platform release; new endpoints, new actions, improved request consistency across endpoints, upgraded error handling, and improved logging performance. 

A major new endpoint, "ShipmentStatus" has also been introduced in API (v2.0) to take advantage of our new Carrier Performance Management module for shipment tracking data. With Carrier Performance and the new ShipmentStatus API, users will be able to manage and improve on-time delivery tracking in real-time from origin to delivery. 

Developers can continue to use the Version 1.0 endpoints as the default until upgrade validation can be completed. Separate release notes and a change log on the API (v2.0) are available in Pacejet Help.


Reach out to learn more

Pacejet customers can contact their customer success managers or Pacejet support to learn more about the new Pacejet 18.2 platform release. If you are new to Pacejet, email info@pacejet.com and one of our team members will reach out to discuss your specific needs. You can also reach out and one of our team members will provide the release notes for 18.2 or search Pacejet help.

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