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Fully Connected Shipping

Pacejet Shipping Software Features to See at SuiteWorld 2021

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Over the last year, we’ve added new features and functionality to our Pacejet Shipping Software for NetSuite. These NetSuite shipping solutions include a UPS WorldShip Hazardous Shipping integration, advanced shipping data capabilities, trading partner compliance, order consolidation, and more. With SuiteWorld coming up in a couple of weeks, we wanted to highlight some of these features, so you can get deeper dives on each while in Las Vegas.

Now You Can Chat with Pacejet Support Reps

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Ever wish you could chat with Pacejet Support for answers to a quick question?

Now you can!

The Pacejet support team is excited to announce a new interactive chat feature built right into the Help Center. Simply click Help in Pacejet, scroll to the bottom of any page, and look for the pop-up chat menu in the lower right-hand corner.

Microsoft Community Summit NA 2021: Pacejet Shipping Software for Microsoft

Pacejet - Microsoft

Join us at Microsoft Community Summit NA 2021 to experience the most complete enterprise shipping solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs. Learn how Pacejet's native integration helps manage all your shipping processes in the cloud and delivers advanced Microsoft shipping software directly in your ERP. Keep reading to find out where we'll be and how you can connect with us while in Houston.

5.9% Parcel Rate Increases Break a 12+ Year Trend, How Shippers Can Respond

Just in front of its' upcoming earnings release, FedEx announced yesterday that it will raise shipping rates at the fastest pace in more than 12 years (see "Shopping Online is Getting More Expensive" for perspectives from the WSJ) . The average rate increase of 5.9% breaks a long-time 4.9% yearly trend that FedEx and UPS have typically managed in lock-step. With record ecommerce volumes, labor challenges, and persistent inflation, the faster than usual rate increases are not entirely unexpected, but still a challenge to many shippers struggling with costs.

With pricing power shifted to UPS and FedEx, many shippers could benefit from a review of their parcel shipping cost structure and operations performance. Read on for some ideas on where to start.

Pacejet loves to uncover shipping trends and truths that help us improve customer operations, save money, and move businesses forward. That's why we believe in Fully Connected Shipping—because companies are ever-evolving and data, analytics, and flashes of brilliance can help you get where you want to go. 

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