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Fully Connected Shipping

Headed to SuiteWorld? Four Reasons Why You Should

SuiteWorld is coming up and many NetSuite users have begun weighing the costs and benefits of attending. You can quickly add up the costs, but finding value is a little more elusive. I have been to SuiteWorld as a NetSuite Customer, a consultant, and as an independent software vendor and the answer will always be “Yes, you should go.”

10 Effective Ways to Get More Out of Shipping Software

Transportation management is a vital part of any business. Customer satisfaction, productivity, and profitability depend on effective transportation management. The best way to achieve that is through employing dynamic shipping software. But how do we get the most out of a shipping software solution?

Pacejet & SPS Commerce Announce Industry-First Integration for Oracle NetSuite Users

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--Integration will conserve resources and improve accuracy by automating Electronic Data Interchange transmissions--

SHELTON, CT (June 28, 2022) -- Pacejet, the premier enterprise shipping execution platform, today announced its integration with SPS Commerce, a leading provider of full-service EDI solutions, to automate Advance Shipping Notification (ASN) creation within Oracle NetSuite. The integration became available to Pacejet customers on Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

De-Risk Your Data Transmission With Our New Advance Shipping Notification Integration

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When shipping to large trading partners, data – accuracy, completeness, formatting – is everything. Growing relationships with the world’s largest retailers, whether opening new accounts or expanding existing ones, depends on the ability to share data that is correct and compliant with the format unique to each one. Absent that, shippers risk penalties in the short-term, and the entire business relationship in the long-term.