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Pacejet Version 16.1 Brings New RESTful Shipping API, Carrier Upgrades, NetSuite Improvements, and More

Pacejet is excited to announce release of version 16.1 of the Pacejet shipping software platform. The latest Pacejet version includes a brand new RESTful shipping API that opens up easier integration of Pacejet quoting and shipping features with any software or cloud application, support for major carrier upgrades and expansions, significant enhancements to NetSuite shipping features, and more.

Thank you to the customers, partners, and team helping us continue to make Pacejet the best business-focused, cloud-based, multi-carrier shipping software application available today.


New and Upgraded Carriers and 3PLs

If you haven't looked at the Pacejet carrier network lately, you might be surprised to see more than 50 parcel, freight, and 3PL carriers and shipping services are now integrated with Pacejet (see the link below to get the list). Most of the additions and improvements are the direct result of customer requests, so the Pacejet network has a diverse range of carriers including regional parcel carriers like Pitt Ohio Express or OnTrac, options to integrate with large 3PLs, the largest LTL/freight carriers in the U.S., and of course the major parcel carriers.

As you can imagine the range, technologies, completeness of carrier APIs is as diverse as the carriers themselves, so the Pacejet development team works continuously to review new carrier capabilities and APIs, enhance our connections as carriers bring new services online, and roll out upgrades to the Pacejet user community. The Pacejet 16.1 platform update paves the way for many new and enhanced carrier connections in the pipeline including new FedEx, new UPS, OnTrac, upgrades to LTL carriers like Estes, YRC, XPO/Conway, R&L, ABF, 3PL additions like Simplified Logistics, and more.

Keep an eye on the blog and release notes in Pacejet Help for details as we roll out upgrades and, as always, please keep us posted on your priorities.


New Pacejet API for RESTful Integration

Another exciting new innovation released with Pacejet 16.1 is a new RESTful API for enhanced integration of Pacejet quoting and shipping functionality with any software or cloud application. The new API is important because it opens the door to an even wider community of Pacejet users to help us grow the solution and value for all customers.

Existing customers may also find the API useful to extend their Pacejet investment with new use cases or connectivity to other systems. For example, NetSuite users might want to use the Pacejet API to integrate freight quoting into their NetSuite SuiteCommerce or any other storefront software used with their NetSuite ERP.

Other Pacejet users running multiple ERP software and cloud systems across divisions will find the API helpful to bring integrated shipping services consistently to all of their ERP systems.  And of course, the API opens the door to new types of quoting or shipping use-cases with your existing ERP system. Learn more on the API page.


Optimizations, Admin Controls, Bug Fixes

With every Pacejet release (4 major releases in 2015!) we continue to strive to improve the user experience, add new and valuable features, and enhance both carrier and ERP integrations. In addition to the feature expansion in the Pacejet 16.1 release, we've also introduced enhancements like an optimization of high-traffic short-cut keys (e.g. the Z key to scan and ship), improved date handling, corrections for item handling in packing, and other refinements.

Some Pacejet administrators will also be interested in the new FAK page which can help manage freight all kinds settings for tariff based carrier setups (as much as we wish the entire world had an API and worked online ... some carriers still require the tariff files and rate calculations we continue to support in Pacejet).

Enhanced searching on the Search Shipments page now also supports status indicators which can be helpful to quickly locate shipments where an ERP system refused to accept updates so they can be easily re-submitted to the ERP.


Built for NetSuite 2016.1 Validation

As a long-time NetSuite SDN partner, Pacejet works through twice-annual "Built for NetSuite" certifications aligned with the standard NetSuite release process. Because Pacejet is a cloud-based shipping software application, most required upgrades and improvements are transparent to end-users and administrators. If an update is required for a new NetSuite release, we generally handle it on our "backend" and issue standard NetSuite "bundle" releases to enhance our "NetSuite SuiteApp" when appropriate.

As part of the NetSuite 2016.1 rollout (happening now), Pacejet completed our core BFN testing on the Pacejet 16.1 release and will continue monitoring the NetSuite 2016.1 upgrade as it rolls out to more NetSuite users. Several new Pacejet optimizations to take advantage of new NetSuite 2016.1 features were implemented along with improvements to better support NetSuite WMS versions (Lite and Advanced) as well as add improved shipping options with the NetSuite OneWorld version.


NetSuite OneWorld Shipping Improvements

Another significant NetSuite enhancement in the Pacejet 16.1 version is expanded support for NetSuite OneWorld. As part of improved integration support, NetSuite OneWorld users can now more easily manage and use subsidiary-based shipping item configurations for different carriers.

Pacejet will separately manage the distinct service classes setup by subsidiaries, allowing users to operate within a single Pacejet location and use common services like "UPS Ground" but have the shipping integration update Item Fulfillment records with matching shipping items in NetSuite. Since those subsidiary based shipping items can be linked independently to financial accounts, this gives administrators greater flexibility and control over how shipping costs are tracked and billed.


For More Information

Thank you to all the Pacejet users who share their daily shipping lives with us --- Pacejet processed many millions of quotes and shipments last year to help users reduce costs and streamline operations. We're excited to take the first innovation step in 2016 with the 16.1 release and look forward to continuing to add value to your operations through the rest of the year.

If you were on a Pacejet 15.4.1 release at the end of 2015, then you are automatically on the latest Pacejet 16.1 release and need take no action unless interested in new feature implementation. To learn more about this latest release, please search "Updates 16.1" in the Pacejet Help area. And as always, please reach out to our support team at help@pacejet.com if we can help.

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