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Fully Connected Shipping

Pacejet Prepares for SuiteWorld 2017

Will we see you in Las Vegas this April? Pacejet is a proud gold sponsor of SuiteWorld 2017. We see the potential for Oracle + NetSuite customers to look beyond shipping as a commodity and instead view shipping as a business-changing opportunity--and we look forward to talking to everyone about how to grow business through better shipping.

The 21st century is the shipping century, and we expect more and more companies to realize this as Amazon leads customers to expect everything to be fast, easy, and inexpensive while still wanting great service.

Pacejet leverages technology to help businesses not only compete in this marketplace, but to thrive. And that's why, in 2016, Pacejet grew over 50% and processed millions of quotes and shipments for Oracle + NetSuite users alone.


SuiteWorld 2017.pngJoin Pacejet at SuiteWorld in April 24-27, 2017. Meet the team, including co-founders Larry DeLeon, Karen Stainbrook, and Ron Lee, at booth 914.

Pacejet will also be speaking with customer, Ryonet, about growing your B2B business with better shipping.


Three major areas for growth


Pacejet helps businesses comply with Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime's stringent requirements, like shipping 98.5% of orders on-time, while allowing you to keep your inventory in your own locations. Having the Amazon Prime badge drives up sales by as much as 20%, which can mean a big revenue boost for growing businesses.

Pacejet's an important tool for businesses who need full shipping automation for NetSuite and Amazon--and we also provide a complete multicarrier solution for all other means of distribution and fulfillment.


Just as customers expect quick and easy shipping in the United States, Oracle + NetSuite customers are challenged to meet the same expectations internationally. Pacejet began a new partnership with UPS i-parcel, helping companies achieve faster international ecommerce sales growth.

Customers report better rates on international shipping, but are most excited about clear duty and tax pricing at the time of ordering, which means no surprise fees for end customers upon delivery.

One of the things that helps businesses with multiple locations is the ability to still do split fulfillments, while shipping internationally. These features have been a big help for companies like Bar Products, looking to expand their international business. Watch a video on Bar Product's success with Pacejet and NetSuite on our SuiteWorld page.


Flexibility is key as businesses expand their shipping capabilities. Pacejet’s RESTful API for SuiteScript has allowed even more customers to create custom NetSuite apps to achieve their business goals.

These apps can extend the standard Built for NetSuite solution or provide stand-alone NetSuite shipping/quoting functionality. Pacejet’s API has helped customize the Oracle + NetSuite solution for Fortune 1000 companies, top internet retailers, and fast-growing manufacturers.


Interested in learning more? Visit us at SuiteWorld Booth 914, check out our SuiteWorld page to learn more, or contact us directly at info@pacejet.com.



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