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Pacejet heads to Oracle OpenWorld & NetSuite SuiteConnect

Are you headed to SuiteConnect? With a few days till Oracle OpenWorld starts, Pacejet is getting ready and we hope you are, too. We are excited to speak with Oracle NetSuite customers about how they can put the science of enterprise shipping to work growing their business.


Why SuiteConnect?

The Oracle NetSuite SuiteConnect conference is coming to San Francisco for the first time at Oracle OpenWorld 2017. This is an opportunity we couldn't pass up. Whether you attended SuiteWorld or not, we expect this to be an exciting event full of valuable connections and news for everyone.

SuiteConnect will bring together nearly 1,000 Oracle and NetSuite users, prospective customers, Oracle executives, product experts, partners, press and industry influencers to discuss the role technology plays in increasing your competitive advantage and improving your business strategy.

We expect it to be an amazing event, and that's why we're one of a few exclusive sponsors participating.

If you haven't registered yet, but want to be in San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld and SuiteConnect, contact us for a SuitePass. We have a limited number of free and reduced rate passes ($300 off!) for Pacejet customers, Oracle or NetSuite customers, or those companies considering Pacejet and one of these ERPs. Contact us to claim one today.



What we're looking forward to

Oracle OpenWorld starts keynotes Sunday October 1st and continues through the week. We want to hear from Oracle execs about the future of their cloud solution and what they have planned for those customers looking for operations and logistics capabilities. Pacejet plans to meet with other Oracle NetSuite partners to discuss future collaborations to help more businesses with their enterprise shipping needs.

SuiteConnect launches Tuesday October 3rd with a rocking concert with the Royal Machines and continues into Wednesday with a full day of SuiteConnect events including keynotes, sessions, and an open Expo Hall.

We look forward to connecting with you throughout the day, whether that's in sessions, during lunch, in the expo hall, or at the reception at the end of the day. Stop by our booth any time, or contact us if you want to make specific plans.

At SuiteWorld, we were honored to be named the 2017 SuiteCloud Partner of the Year. We don't expect any honors at SuiteConnect, but if you know anything about Oracle NetSuite, you can always expect the unexpected, whether it's fire on stage, dancers, or unexpected speakers.




What not to miss

When you stop by our booth, you'll have a chance to see a sneak peak of our newest customer video. In it, you'll learn how one Pacejet customer paid for their year's subscription to Pacejet in month one by leveraging the power of Pacejet's real-time rate shopping across multiple freight, parcel, and 3PL carriers.

Whether you're at SuiteConnect, searching SuiteApp, or taking a deep dive into Google search results—you will see other companies that tell you they can ship. But only Pacejet processes millions of quotes and shipments for NetSuite customers each year.

If you're interested in turning shipping into a competitive advantage for your business, let's make time to discuss all the new features, options, and services available to you at this event or in a private consultation.


Other things you can learn about

We mentioned above the overall volume we do with Oracle NetSuite customers, but did you know that Pacejet is the only complete freight quoting and shipping solution built for NetSuite? Whether you're a customer or someone still exploring what Pacejet has to offer, SuiteConnect is a great chance to learn the competitive advantages Pacejet has compared to other shipping software solutions. It also gives you a chance to make sure you're taking full advantage of everything we have to offer.

For example, Pacejet integrates NetSuite with more freight, parcel, 3PL carriers and shipping services than any other Built for NetSuite application, helping NetSuite users manage large volumes of shipping activity with reduced costs and increased efficiency.

We also work to continuously offer innovative solutions for Oracle NetSuite shippers, such as unique value-add solutions like real-time rate shopping for multiple carriers, freight quotes, packing, and the ability to work with leading 3PLs. In addition to this, we provide advanced SuiteCloud integration with enterprise flexibility, automation, security, and other unique features.

You'll hear us talking more and more about the science of enterprise shipping. That's because we know that when companies are armed with the right information, they can make informed choices that help their businesses continue to evolve and grow. One example is the ability to quickly change to better services with the help of data and analytics, keeping costs low and efficiency and customer satisfaction high.

Pacejet will help you turbocharge the NetSuite fulfillment engine through automation, personalized shipping, powerful controls, and more. We have helped customize the Oracle NetSuite solution for Fortune 1000 companies, top internet retailers, and fast-growing wholesalers and manufacturers; now it's your turn.


Interested in learning more?

Visit us at our SuiteConnect booth, check out our SuiteConnect page to learn more, or contact us directly at info@pacejet.com or 877.722.3538.

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