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Fully Connected Shipping

Pacejet Heads to SyteLine User Network (SUN) Conference

Are you planning to attend the SyteLine User Network (SUN) Conference next week in Orlando? Pacejet is ready to go and there are two ways you can meet up with us during the event.

Join Karen, Kurt, and Tom at Booth #1 throughout the conference. We'll be there to meet with customers and to provide all attendees with more information on Pacejet, which is trusted by more SyteLine users to optimize order fulfillment than any other solution. The SyteLine and Pacejet shipping software platform is the only complete cloud-based shipping application available on the market today.

We recently worked with Single Source Systems to re-architect and upgrade our shipping solution to provide a more native experience within SyteLine. You can visit Single Source at Booth #3 after you're done visiting Pacejet.

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You won't want to miss our session on how to Grow Your Business with Efficient Shipping on March 15 at 11:15am. Pacejet's Karen Stainbrook will be joined by Josh Schwartz from Syntron Material Handling.

Syntron is a leading manufacturing company that produces bulk material handling solutions for a variety of markets including mining, aggregates, chemicals, packaging, and food. They work with customers all over the world and partnered with SyteLine and Pacejet to scale their growing business and ship their products. This included an upgrade from SyteLine 7 to SyteLine 9 and replacing InsiteShip with Pacejet.

In this session, learn from Syntron’s Josh Schwartz about how they overcame shipping challenges with help from Pacejet’s Karen Stainbrook. Josh and Karen will talk about everything a business needs to consider when implementing a shipping solution that helps companies not only increase productivity and reduce cost, but builds a global operation.


Ready to learn more now? You can get a head start on the event and download our SUN whitepaper, SyteLine datasheet, and access a recording of a webinar we did with Single Source, which features our integration in action.



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