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Pacejet for NetSuite Bundle v6.1 Released to SuiteApp.com

NetSuite shippers will be pleased to learn that a new Pacejet for NetSuite bundle version 6.1 has been released to the SuiteApp.com site with new enhancements, bug fixes, and feature improvements. The largest feature update in this latest bundle is release of the new SPS EDI mapping support mentioned in an earlier post. Please contact our support team for help in planning and completing any bundle updates to your Pacejet setup in NetSuite.


Highlights of the latest NetSuite bundle v6.1 Pacejet features include the following:

  • Support SPS EDI Mapping: Announced in an earlier blog post "Pacejet Shipping for NetSuite Adds Advance Ship Notice (ASN) EDI Mapping with SPS Commerce" this latest update delivers the new mapping scripts and settings.
  • WMS Advanced Label Field Support: This optional settings provides a new option to automatically attach carrier label content files to Shipmanifest records in NetSuite for situations where NetSuite will manage all label printing instead of Pacejet.
  • Correction to Void Processing: Resolution of a shipment void issue for orders where a carrier / service field was not preset prior to processing in Pacejet.
  • Shippping Item Performance Improvement: Enhancement to use new NetSuite API functionality to improve processing speed for shipping items during quoting and shipping.
  • Correction for Third Party Account Management: Resolution of an issue where the full set of third party billing accounts attached to customer records in NetSuite were not passed to Pacejet during shipment processing.

Please search Pacejet Help for release notes with more detailed information on these updates. And as always, please contact us for suggestions or ideas for additional product improvements.

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