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Pacejet 15.4.1 Delivers New Features and Integrations

Pacejet is pleased to announce the release of version 15.4.1 (deployment scheduled for Saturday 11-7), bringing new features and integrations that will help shippers continue to improve and grow their operations. The 15.4.1 update includes new capabilities like enhanced pronum management , new freight markup controls, support for bulk items in the scan pack module, and a number of refinements and bug fixes. The latest Pacejet update also releases new integration for the NetSuite WMS Advanced module, giving larger NetSuite users access to complete multi-carrier quoting and shipping as part of their overall NetSuite system. Pacejet regularly releases new platform updates, expansions to our plug-in carrier network, new reports or documents, and other features as part of our ongoing commitment to providing the most complete, cloud-based shipping software for business.

Read on to learn more about the Pacejet 15.4.1 update ...

How to Get the Latest Release

If you are an existing Pacejet user running on the latest platform, the 15.4.1 upgrade will be deployed automatically to your location (on 11-7-15). An easy way to find your Pacejet version is to scroll to the bottom of a screen and locate the version indicator (example shown below). Search Pacejet Help for the phrase "updates for Pacejet" to review detailed release notes for all recent Pacejet upgrades. If you are running the older Pacejet 3.2 version, please contact support for assistance on upgrading to the latest platform version.

What's Included in Pacejet 15.4.1

As is our standard practice, the Pacejet blog announced the major 15.4.1 enhancements in earlier articles (a good reason to get subscribed to weekly email updates!) and posted a scheduled upgrade alert at www.pacejet.com/servicestatus. If LTL / Freight shipping is important to you, you'll want to read the article New ProNum Management. Most Pacejet users bill at least some of their shipping charges to customers and will want to review new pricing controls in the article New Freight Markup ControlIf you are currently using or considering the scan pack module to help validate your items as you ship, the article Bulk Items in Scan Pack reviews some new features for scanning larger quantities of items. And if you are a NetSuite user who is deploying the new NetSuite WMS module, you'll want to review new Pacejet support for it in NetSuite WMS Support.

Have an Idea or Suggestion

If you haven't heard our team say it in awhile, thank you for being a Pacejet user! If you're a prospective user just kicking the tires, welcome and we're ready when you are. Have a suggestion on a blog topic, new feature you'd like to see us add to Pacejet, or anything else? Reach out and contact us.


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