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Notes on NetSuite 2015.2 and Pacejet Built for NetSuite Verification

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For the NetSuite users in the Pacejet Shipper community, it's upgrade season, and NetSuite 2015.2 is coming your way soon. Pacejet has been BFN (Built for NetSuite) verified since the beginning of the certification program, working to help your business take advantage of new functionality as NetSuite and Pacejet both deliver new upgrades continuously. Pacejet has completed our NetSuite 2015.2 validation testing and submitted our updated BFN materials. This post provides some notes and guidelines for Pacejet users as you evaluate and manage the standard upgrade process.


If you're not familiar with the Built for NetSuite program, you can find more details HERE on the NetSuite website. A short synopsis of BFN is that it is a formal program that provides Education, Consultation, and Assistance to SDN partners (like Pacejet) to support solutions on the NetSuite platform. In sync with the twice year NetSuite upgrades, Pacejet receives early access to new versions, education sessions on new features, and support to work through enhancements which might be appropriate for the new releases. A final step in each upgrade cycle is quality assurance testing and a submission and verification process with NetSuite.


As you plan for the latest NetSuite 2015.2 upgrade, please consider the following key points about Pacejet shipping support with your setup and needs:

  • Locate the specific day/time of your NetSuite version 2015.2 upgrade by contacting your NetSuite support representatives or reviewing the notifications in your NetSuite environment.

  • Notify Pacejet support and services team members you might be working with about your latest version status (and if/when it changes), so they can provide the best service possible.

  • NetSuite 2015.2 verification testing has been completed Pacejet Bundle Version 5.11 running with the Pacejet Platform Version 15; earlier versions are not verified.
  • Pacejet does not require users to upgrade to the latest Pacejet Bundle Versions when they are released (unless you wish to access new features or maintenance) but if functionality issues are encountered in your environment, the first required action will be a bundle upgrade to 5.11.
  • Some Pacejet customers have been permitted to continue running an older version (3.2). Although version 3.2 may operate with NetSuite 2015.2, Pacejet recommends an upgrade is completed as soon as possible.  Contact the support team for further details.


There are no immediate required configuration changes to support the latest version of Pacejet with the new NetSuite 2015.2 release. However, we do recommend that NetSuite administrators move to the latest NetSuite Single Signon (SSO) and Token-Based Authentication setup for best performance, security, and reliability (look for future blog postings on these security and access settings). Pacejet will also be announcing more details on our next Bundle upgrade (v6.0) which primarily will include enhanced shipping support fo the NetSuite WMS module along with a few additional improvements.


We expect to complete the final Built for NetSuite verification submission process over the next several weeks to "get our badge". In the meantime, please contact support or your services representative with any questions about this upgrade. We'd be happy to help you get ready for the latest version of NetSuite.

Update on 8/5/15: We received our confirmation this morning and Pacejet is officially Built for NetSuite certified for 2015.2!



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