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More Carriers and Integration Refinements

As we mentioned in a few other recent posts, we've prioritized a special product focus at Pacejet over the next few quarters on enhancing, improving, and growing the Pacejet carrier network. We're adding new LTL and Parcel carriers, plugging in some new 3PL services, and refining many of our existing integrations based on customer requests and feedback. In that spirit, today's post covers some updates rolling out from Endicia involving USPS services and pricing changes, a few refinements to our YRC integration, and announcement of a new direct integration with the regional parcel carrier OnTrac.


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Rate and Service Changes from USPS

You may have received a recent email from Endicia with a title like "Required Update for Your Endicia Software" describing some changes required for new USPS pricing and service updates happening in January 2016. The good news is that because Pacejet is a cloud service, you don't have to worry about downloading or applying software updates to keep shipping. As we mentioned in a previous post (see New USPS Shipping Upgrade Now Available here), Pacejet has released an upgraded Endicia integration with a number of new enhancements to USPS shipping and the new year would be a great time to consider upgrading to use these features. But you don't need to act urgently and can take advantage of the new services and service names when  you are ready.

Refinements to YRC Services and Package Types

The LTL carrier YRC is one of the more popular carriers in the Pacejet network, many shippers include them in their portfolio even if they aren't a number one choice in volume. Based on some recent customer requests to support a broader range of YRC special services, we're working on an enhancement to broaden the supported set to as many YRC services as are available in their latest web services API. A few popular service examples included Trade Show Pickup and Trade Show Delivery, Inside Pickup, and Protect from Freezing. Other new services include Certified Pickup Fee, Consignee Pickup Carrier Dock, and Labeling Fee.

Another bit of recent feedback involved improved support for special packaging types (something we've also added into our standards for all carrier integrations since it's becoming more common), so we're reviewing enhanced support to map package types into the carrier-specific identifiers. Examples include the capability to map descriptions setup in Pacejet to standard YRC terminology such as SKD for Skid or PLT for platform. Other examples include CAS for Case or TBN for a Tote Bin.

Direct OnTrac Integration for Regional Parcel

Based on other customer requests, we're adding a new regional parcel carrier (OnTrac) into the Pacejet carrier network. OnTrac offers some great services and coverage in the U.S. Northwest (see map here) including specific areas in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, and a few other western states. OnTrac offers fast and affordable regional delivery and like other regional parcel carriers, may often charge fewer extra fees than other carriers you may be using today.

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Have a request for new carrier? Have a suggestion for a shipping service that would offer great value to you or the entire Pacejet community of shippers? Reach out and let us know so we can get them on the roadmap!

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