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The science of shipping with Pacejet

Shipping quotes with line-level control find the best delivery plan for each order

Using multiple fulfillment locations is an effective way to boost delivery speed and lower shipping costs, but the strategy introduces some thorny sourcing and shipping cost issues. For example, if you allow one sales order to source order lines from multiple facilities or drop ship to multiple customer locations, how can you quickly and accurately quote shipping costs for the entire order while rate shopping to find the lowest price for multiple required shipments?

Fortunately, the Pacejet RESTful API makes it possible to embed sophisticated shipment quoting and rate-shopping into any ERP system, allowing users to click one "easy button" for optimized delivery planning. To dig a little deeper into solutions for multi-site fulfillment, this post provides an overview and demo of Pacejet Shipping Quotes for NetSuite, a good example of a simple quoting and shipping rate-shopping software that supports some surprisingly complex order fulfillment scenarios. 

Read on to learn more and view a short demo video.

workers-looking-up-at-warehouse-1240pxUsers Focus on Intent, the System on Shipments

While the Pacejet RESTful API makes it possible to embed sophisticated shipping quotes and rate shopping into ERP systems, the integration and behind-the-scenes automation handle important fulfillment planning complications. Automation techniques like order line grouping and smart auto packing make the approach workable by letting users focus on delivery intent while the system worries about grouping items into shipments, estimating how shipments will be packaged, and finding the lowest cost carriers and services.

Any ERP can take advantage of embedded shipment quoting for complex order fulfillment. Here are a few key capabilities of our shipping rate-shopping software that you should consider, as illustrated in the Pacejet Shipping Quotes for NetSuite example:

Order line grouping into shipments works by grouping lines that share common ship-from, ship-to or other characteristics into collections that will ship together in one set of packages.

Smart auto packing dramatically increases shipping quote accuracy by using item dimensions and weight to calculate the number and size of packages which will be used for each shipment.

Rate-shopping for carrier shipping services finds the lowest price service across all available carriers to provide an optimized order delivery plan.

Line-level and straightforward shipping control allows users to leverage the same quoting solution for one-shipment and multiple-shipment orders.

Quoting while in edit mode means users do not have to wait for orders to save before they can get a complete shipment cost quote thanks to modern, browser-based ERP systems.

Transit-time visibility helps users make trade-offs between the cost of shipping and delivery speed.

An ERP-embedded shipping rate-shopping software like NetSuite Shipping Quotes through Pacejet can make adoption of a multiple fulfillment location strategy easier and more effective by allowing users to focus on the delivery needs of customers while the system handles the complex planning and optimization work.

Watch Demo of Pacejet Shipping Quotes for NetSuite

Interested in the Pacejet Shipping Quotes for NetSuite solution?

Pacejet Shipping Quotes for NetSuite will be in beta in late July. You can signup for free beta participation here. If you are a current customer, you can also reach out to our Customer Success Managers at customersuccess@pacejet.com. If you are new to Pacejet and interested in this shipping rate-shopping software, reach out to our sales team at sales@pacejet.com, and they will be happy to speak with you about your shipping needs.

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