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New LSO Parcel Integration Offers Fewer Fees, Lower Rates, Better On-Time for Southern U.S.

Pacejet is pleased to announce new parcel integration support with LSO, to further extend the range of fast and low-cost parcel services for Pacejet shippers. LSO is a regional parcel carrier for the southern United States. 

When using a regional parcel carrier, businesses gain various benefits when compared to their national counterparts. Shippers using regional carriers report up to 40% in cost savings, as well as fewer surcharges, lower accessorial rates and package charges. As they focus on particular geographic areas, regional carriers also provide a much larger percentage of goods delivered between 1-2 days. 

Because they cover specific regions, they offer value-added services including later pickup times and expanded next day delivery areas. 

Regional carrier options could be the right choice for your business - explore our article on Why carrier choice matters. 

To find out about LSO, their commitment to a local presence, and the benefits of Pacejet integration support, please read more.


Why Customers Choose LSO

As a premier regional parcel carrier for the South, LSO have provided a reliable and flexible rapid delivery system for over 25 years. Boasting the best on-time records and the lowest damage claim rates in the industry, LSO customers know their goods are always in great hands. 

As the largest regional parcel carrier in the southern United States, LSO's delivery services cover Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Mexico and southeastern New Mexico. 

All packages take direct routes to their locations. With no conveyor belts and fewer miles, LSO customers can expect their packages to arrive on time and in top condition while reducing costs at the same time. 

LSO is dedicated to delivering personal care and attention to its customers, with live customer service reps, responsive customer shipping solutions and more direct shipping routes. This means LSO take better care of your business, packages and budget. 


Integration Notes

The LSO integration with Pacejet supports a full complement of rating, shipping, and voiding functionality. It's available for any Pacejet user running popular ERP integrations and for custom integrations via the Pacejet API. Rating and transit-time lookup is supported along with shipping, pickup request, label printing, and voiding. Shippers can also use special services such as dolly required at pickup, HIPPA handling required, packing fee, or Saturday delivery.

Activating the LSO integration is similar to activating other parcel carriers, including setup for printing shipping labels, capturing tracking numbers, etc. Existing Pacejet customers can request help from support at help@pacejet.com to evaluate the carrier setup or to see if new services are needed. 


Get Started

If you are an existing customer, you can learn more about new carrier integrations by contacting the Pacejet support team at help@pacejet.com. Not sure which carriers are right for you? Read our article on how to pick a shipping carrier.

Or, if you are new to Pacejet, contact our sales team and they will talk with you about all of your company's shipping needs.

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Please note that this enhanced integration does not imply endorsement by the carrier; your contract and business relationship will continue to be managed by your company and the carrier. 

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