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Lavi Industries: Known for efficient queuing solutions, adds Pacejet to improve internal efficiency

Lavi Industries, founded in 1979 and based in California, improves customer experience by providing comprehensive, agile ways to move and track people in and out of areas with ease. They provide retractable belts and railing systems that help their customers control crowds with ease--you see them everywhere you go from movie theaters to airports.

Lavi Industries focuses on shipping its products quickly and efficiently, and by adding Pacejet’s shipping software, Lavi Industries is new seeing significant cost savings and time. Read on to learn more.

Working with a 3PL, Lavi Industries was struggling to reconcile their freight billing among carriers. When searching for a better shipping solution, their team had one major thing in mind, one solution that pinged multiple carriers for rates rather than having to go to multiple portals and systems. Cue in Pacejet.

The right fit for Lavi Industries’ needs

Pacejet was the perfect fit to fill the gaps and help give Lavi Industries that flexibility they needed as well as the ability to rate shop through carriers. Pacejet offers rapid, accurate shipping quotes through rate shopping technology and eliminates the need to manage all of Lavi's shipping operations through a 3PL.

“Pacejet saved us the need to develop an API for every carrier and saved us tens of thousands of dollars in logistics costs. — Yariv Blumkine, Chief Operating Officer at Lavi Industries.




The future of their partnership

One of the reasons that Lavi Industries chose to partner with Pacejet is their constant need for innovation. At Pacejet, we pride ourselves on our consultative approach to shipping strategy and how to think about science of shipping. Improving, optimizing, and adding to our solution is just second nature to our team. Collaborating with customers and partners, we are constantly evolving to help businesses remain competitive in the age of “Amazon” and instant shipping.


Learn more about Pacejet

Pacejet helps you transform your shipping dock into a launching pad for profitability. This starts with Pacejet's best-in-class cloud-based solution, surrounding it with the consultative support that enables customers to thrive in the 21st-century shipping economy. 

For more information on Pacejet shipping software, visit https://pacejet.com, call 877-722-3538, or email info@pacejet.com.

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