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KDL Joins the Pacejet Carrier Network

Choice is a central part of the Pacejet value proposition for shippers, so we're always excited when new carriers, new 3PLs, and new services can be added to the Pacejet Carrier Network.

Every customer has unique business needs and those specific requirements often mean that a well-thought out multicarrier approach makes a big difference in your customer experience. While many businesses have parcel, freight, and even regional carriers, 3PLs are another addition to consider when building your shipping strategy.

This week we're excited to announce Pacejet's integration with KDL, a 3PL with a great team and reputation. Read more to find out about the benefits offered by KDL.


Why Customers Choose KDL

Keystone Dedicated Logistics (KDL) is a non-asset based third party logistics (3PL) company headquartered in Carnegie, PA (near Pittsburgh). KDL has a talented team whose professional experience includes LTL trucking, information technology, truckload, parcel, international logistics, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, and supply chain management. You can connect with KDL staff on LinkedIn.

“Working with KDL can be as easy as a transactional shipment or as comprehensive as outsourcing your logistics functions to our dedicated, account management teams. We realize that every customers’ supply chain complexities differ, so we make sure our solutions are flexible and adaptable to their needs. Pacejet’s integrated technology makes it easier for small to mid-size customers to process orders and ship within their own ERP system. KDL is extremely honored that we can work together as partners to provide businesses with this type of transportation solution,“ said Ian Tsai, Executive Vice President of KDL.

Integration Notes

Activating the KDL integration in Pacejet involves some basic configuration and training steps, once you've obtained a KDL account. You'll notice the integration supports rating and transit-time detail for integrated freight quoting or shipping. Popular accessorials include lift gate, inside pickup and delivery, residential, excessive length, and protection from freezing (consult "help" for a full list of options).


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If you are an existing customer, you can learn more about new carrier integrations by contacting the Pacejet support team. Not sure which carriers are right for you? Read our article on how to pick a shipping carrier.

Or, if you are new to Pacejet, contact our sales team and they will talk with you about all of your company's shipping needs.

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Please note that this enhanced integration with KDL does not imply endorsement by the carrier; your contract and business relationship will continue to be managed by your company and the carrier. 


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