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Fully Connected Shipping

New Regional Parcel Integration with OnTrac

Pacejet is pleased to release integrated support for OnTrac, the leader in regional overnight package delivery service within California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. With service in 8 states to more than 60 million consumers, sought-after rapid delivery service levels, and savings up to 40% compared to national carriers, OnTrac could be a great addition to your portfolio of shipping services. Since Pacejet is multi-carrier and cloud-based, there's no software to install, your ERP integrations can use new OnTrac services, and there's no new user interface or carrier-specific workflow steps. Learn more about OnTrac services and integrated Pacejet support in today's blog post.

OnTrac regional parcel shipping with Pacejet

About OnTrac

Founded in 1991, OnTrac has been growing a shipping niche and reputation in the Western United States for 25 years. Specializing in fast, time-sensitive delivery services, OnTrac is an excellent fit for surging ecommerce delivery volumes. Value-added services like late evening pickups, earlier delivery times, and faster transit-times for ground service can help shippers reach impatient consumers and business more quickly and more reliably. You can even use OnTrac to deliver freight shipments with a minimum 300lb palletized weight. And with savings of up to 40% compared to national carriers, OnTrac services can help keep fast-growing business shippers cost competitive.

Activating OnTrac in Pacejet

OnTrac integration in Pacejet can be activated by our services and support teams and is then implemented with standard setup of classes of service, workstations/printer configuration, and any decisions/choices on markup rules for processing shipping costs into your ERP invoicing process. The OnTrac integration with Pacejet supports rating, shipping, tracking transactions, and automatic label printing can use formats including ZPL, EPL, or PDF. Available classes of service include:

  • Sunrise: By 10:30am; Saturday delivery by 2pm.
  • Sunrise Gold: By 8am; Saturday delivery by 12pm.
  • OnTrac Ground: Next-day and 2-day ground service guaranteed by end of business day
  • Palletized Freight: Minimum 300 palletized lbs. by 5pm

Pacejet shipping software integration with OnTrac

Learn More

Contact us if you're interested in learning more about OnTrac shipping through Pacejet. You'll need an existing or new account with OnTrac to use the service but Pacejet can help you get started.

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