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Fully Connected Shipping

Integrate Freight Shipping Into Any Software or Cloud with the Pacejet API

It's surprising that freight shipping software integration gets such short shrift from most ERP, WMS, and ecommerce systems. Freight shipments typically cost 10x more than parcel so even a modest volume of 10-20 LTL shipments per week can cost $500,000 or more in a year, making integration-driven efficiency a big opportunity to reduce costs. The video in today's post takes a closer look at using the Pacejet API to integrate LTL shipment processing into any software or cloud application. The demo is a bit techy since we're using API endpoints and the Pacejet user interface, but the types of data involved, decisions, and options are useful for developers, users, and managers alike.

 Pacejet Freight Quotes for Ecommerce

Freight Integration as a Feature of Multi-Carrier Support

One of the key benefits of using a multi-carrier and multi-mode shipping software solution like Pacejet, is that the software simplifies the messy details of carrier-by-carrier processing into one, consistent system. In the case of freight shipping software integration, new functionality such as bill of lading printing or freight class management operates alongside existing features for parcel shipping. As you view today's video demo, keep in mind that one common set of Pacejet API endpoints supports integrated quoting and shipping not only for multiple LTL and 3PL carriers but also for parcel and custom carriers. So whether you need to integrate freight quoting into an ecommerce site, add complete freight quoting and shipping to your ERP, or connect LTL shipping execution into a new WMS system, the Pacejet API and application can make the process easier, more consistent, and more manageable now and as your carrier needs change over time.

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Check out other demo videos, shipping articles, and feature articles on the Pacejet blog. Interested in expanding your current use of Pacejet to new or more carriers or to integrate it with other systems? New to or considering Pacejet? Contact us if we can help.

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