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How to win with your return policy

Consumers have many options when faced with a purchase decision. Whether they are buying furniture or a piece of equipment, they have hundreds of vendors to choose from. Providing value to your customers is an easy way to win their business. While there are many ways to provide value as an e-commerce business, having a seamless and easy eCommerce return policy is one of the ways to win over prospective customers.

Companies like Land’s End have been winning in this arena for some time with their short and sweet return policy. If you aren’t happy with a product that you purchased, you are able to return it at any time for a refund or exchange (see the fine print on their policy for details). They stand behind the products that they sell and if you aren't satisfied, neither are they


Here are some helpful tips to think about when crafting your competitive return policy:

  • Keep it simple. Use plain language so that your customers can easily understand and navigate what you are saying. 
  • Make it obvious to find on your website or on receipts. Have it displayed on the website in an easy to find location where your site viewers can reference it if needed. 
  • Make the returns free. This might seem like a no-brainer but you would be surprised with how many business still charge a return shipping fee. Making your returns free can be a determining factor in purchase decisions for some adults. Look for ways to decrease shipping costs to make this easier on your business.
  • Ship the policy with the original shipment. This goes along with making it obvious to find. Give your customers all the information that they could need at this stage in their journey.
  • Show off your customer service through social media. Highlight how well you serve and take care of your customers by talking about your customer care policies and appeal to people by being helpful.


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Remember your customers

Your business survives on the support for purchasers, whether they are return customers or first-time buyers. Remember to put them first when it comes to your eCommerce return policy in order to create a well-rounded customer service strategy and ultimately win more business in the long-run.

Pair a quick and easy eCommerce return policy with rate shopping through Pacejet and wait for the results to come in. Save your business money by choosing the best carrier rates and give your customers the advantage of knowing that if they aren't satisfied with a product, neither are you.

Reduce the cost of shipping to keep the cost down while offering free returns to your customers. This is just one easy way to win with Pacejet on your side. Interested in learning more about how Pacejet rate shopping works? Contact us below.

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