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Fully Connected Shipping

See Your Shipment Spending, Savings, and Potential Savings

We spend a lot of time at Pacejet working on ways to save shippers money. Many users are laser-focused on labor, so much of our attention ends up centered on productivity savings from improved workflows, better ERP integration, or new types of automation. But while process improvement is important, we get most excited about functionality, visibility, or tools that identify "piles of cash" we can help you keep. Today's post is focused on that big pile of cash that most shippers pay to carriers every month, providing a video demo close-up on using the Pacejet Shipment Savings Report to see your shipment spending, savings, and potential savings.


Integrated Shipping Data and Visibility

One of the most popular features of Pacejet is the Freight Quoting and Rate-Shopping functionality that helps shippers get accurate prices from all their carrier options in real-time, compare them, and choose the best option for each shipment (often the lowest cost but not always).  However sometimes customers prefer a specific carrier is used for their shipments or there might be specific service issues that warrant expedited services.  In some businesses if the customer pays for shipping they can choose any carrier but if the shipper pays the lowest cost will be used. As your shipping team processes hundreds or thousands of shipments per week it can be hard to see patterns in shipment spending to help you improve, that's where Pacejet integrated shipping data and reporting can help. Today's video demo takes a close-up look at using the Pacejet Shipment Savings Report to see what you are spending on shipping, where rate shopping is saving you money, where you are spending money on service overrides, and opportunities where you could increase your savings.

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We hope this video demo was helpful and gave you some new ideas for using analytics to improve your shipping operations. Don't forget to search the blog or other topics of interest for your process improvement initiatives. And reach out with a question or suggestion if we can help.




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