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Top 3 things every online seller should do to prepare for holiday shipping

As a consumer, talking about holiday and year-end shipping in October might seem a bit strange but it’s definitely time to start thinking about it if your business ships. If this year is anything like 2017, we can expect that online sales will once again grow by double-digits.

According to Adobe Analytics, the combined totals from Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday were $7.9 billion in online sales, which was up 17.9% from the previous year. Given the importance of the holiday season for businesses around the world, what can you do to get your business prepared and to make sure you remain competitive?

Protect your brand and your customer expectations this holiday season

It’s time to make sure your business employees have shipping on the top of their minds. With the holiday season quickly approaching, ensure your business is equipped with everything they need to process shipments efficiently with less hassle or stress. We’ve put together a few things to be thinking about now as you prep for the holiday shopping (and holiday shipping) spree.

1- Plan ahead for delays. It’s wishful thinking with our ‘get it now’ mentality that things will arrive in perfect condition, with time to spare-- the truth is that packages or pallets could be late. Be prepared for delays and make sure to set your customers' expectations around delivery times. By doing things like providing a preemptive “last day to deliver by” notice, and adding automatic emails with tracking information, you’ll save your customer service team a lot of time and headaches. If 2018 is anything like 2017, we can expect holiday shipping delays across carriers. Plan ahead and let your teams know what precautions you are taking to ensure concise and accurate messaging.

2- Know what the last shipment date is per carrier to reach your customers. With high hopes and last-minute shopping attempts, customers want to get their shipments by their desired date at any cost. Know the last date you can ship pallets to stores and boxes to people with these guides below. Talk to your carriers and providers while there’s still ample time to plan ahead. Find out how they’ll address delivery delays, and what steps they’re currently taking to get ready for the upcoming holidays. Then build a contingency plan to handle potential setbacks or increases in holiday shipping costs.

3- Educate your seasonal staff and shippers. Whether you have a team of seasoned shippers or are bringing in a few extra hands to help fulfill your orders throughout the holiday season, make sure to spend time confirming processes and doing some hands-on training. Something like an incentive program to award your highest yielding shippers can go a long way internally.

Pacejet wants you to be as prepared as possible this holiday season so heed these warnings and tips to prevent holiday shipping chaos.


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