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Get 46% Off Shipping With Commercial Plus Pricing

If you've been searching and shopping for better prices and choices for small package shipments, then you will be excited to learn about a new Pacejet program to save you some serious cash! Pacejet shippers can now get easy access to heavily discounted USPS Commercial Plus Pricing to save as much as 46% off of small package shipments. Imagine saving $1 on a shipment from San Diego to New York or an average of $0.75 on all of your priority domestic shipments. There are no volume commitments, no contracts to sign, no audits, and you can easily activate the new service in your existing Pacejet account. Read on to learn more and get started saving today.

Where You Can Save the Most Money

The new Commercial Plus Pricing program can help Pacejet shippers save in a variety of different scenarios. B2C retailers who often ship packages weighing 0-3 lbs to residential locations can see significant savings. For example, a 2lb USPS priority mail residential shipment from San Diego to New York would normally cost $9.97 but costs just $8.99 under the program. If the same business were using FedEx with a 30% discount to ship the same package, they would pay a discounted rate of $6.59 but with an additional $3.10 residential surcharge and a fuel surcharge (and the shipment would take 5 days instead of the 2-3 days for priority mail). The good news is you don't have to sort out all the scenarios yourself, you can simply activate the program in Pacejet and let the software find the best deal for you.

How Does the Program Work

To get started in the new Commercial Plus Pricing program, search Pacejet Help for "Commercial Plus Pricing" and follow the standard instruction document (or call support and we'll help you get started). The program Help document also describes our new partnership with Move Method to provide this service and recaps the setup steps as well as the steps to take if you decide to stop using the program at any time. Existing USPS shippers will be directed to a URL for program signup which will activate the new rates under a new account with simple instructions to migrate your setup. New USPS shippers will need an Endicia account and Pacejet can help with standard activation and setup processes.

Get Started Saving

Contact us today to learn more about the program and get started. Pacejet is committed to delivering the most innovative shipping software solutions and access to the industries best carriers, services, and prices to help shippers reduce their costs and improve service. We're excited about how this program will help the Pacejet community of shippers.

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