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Fully Connected Shipping

See the power of Pacejet Freight Audit

We published a blog back in May that went over how our new freight audit module can help your business find your real shipping costs and understand ways to save money on your shipping. With further refinement, we wanted to provide a deeper dive into the module to help you understand the business benefits of Pacejet Freight Audit software to help you determine if it's right for your business.

Pacejet Freight Audit provides a process that imports carrier invoices and allows you to match  your actual shipping data to your carrier invoices. This helps determine overcharges or internal errors so you can increase savings and refine operations to avoid future problems. 

Why do you need Pacejet Freight Audit Software? Here are a few of the business benefits: 

  • Efficiently matches shipment data with multiple invoices in an easy drag and drop function
  • Reduces costs by uncovering billing errors or excess fee charges
  • Highlights surcharges like address correction or residential addresses
  • Helps bring operational issues to light like dimension or weight errors

To watch our webinar from yesterday featuring our Customer Success Manager, Mike Panichi, and Our CTO/CMO, Ron Lee, please click the image below to be redirected to the webinar. 


Interested in Freight Auditing?

If you are a current customer, reach out to our Customer Success Manager, Mike Panichi  at customersuccess@pacejet.com or click the button below. If you are new to Pacejet and interested in this module, reach out to our sales team at sales@pacejet.com and they will be happy to speak with you about your shipping needs.

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