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Fully Connected Shipping

New Freight Audit module helps you get the shipping you pay for

At the end of a busy shipping day, how do you know that your carrier invoices are accurate, how do you see workflow or data quality issues that could be adding to your costs, and how can you be confident you're collecting enough in billed shipping to cover your carrier costs?

Sifting through thousands of weekly invoice lines from multiple carriers to see if you're getting the shipping value you pay for is a challenge for most organizations. Add in the increasing array of carriers fees such as address correction, residential delivery, extended area delivery, or dim weight and the challenge grows exponentially.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to drag and drop your carrier invoices into Pacejet and instantly compare them against your expected charges from your actual shipping transactions?

Pacejet is pleased to announce our new Freight Auditing module, an easy and automated solution that helps you reduce shipping costs and eliminate invoicing mistakes by matching the detail in carrier invoices to your actual shipping records. Read on to learn more and view a 4 minute demo  video of our Freight Invoice Audit module.

Get a better grip on shipping costs

The launch of Freight Auditing is part of a series of innovations Pacejet is releasing over the weeks and months ahead, delivering a strategy and platform that helps our users continuously improve shipping to grow their business. With our Freight Invoice Audit module, your team can:

Verify the accuracy of carrier invoices with a solution that automatically compares thousands of invoice lines and shipping transactions

Find and prevent costly fulfillment issues such as invalid addresses, unmarked residential deliveries, inaccurate package dimensions, and more

Track surcharges and refunds to confirm when extra costs are added by carriers and when carriers apply refunds for your shipments

Match costs across invoice periods to track adjustments and refunds over time for a complete picture of adjusted shipping costs

Freight Auditing with Pacejet can help your business navigate your freight shipping data to give you the confidence needed to confirm your shipping costs versus your billed costs.

Watch the Demo of Pacejet Freight Auditing

Interested in Freight Invoice Auditing?

If you are a current customer, reach out to our Customer Success Managers at customersuccess@pacejet.com. If you are new to Pacejet and interested in this module, reach out to our sales team at sales@pacejet.com and they will be happy to speak with you about your shipping needs.

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