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Fully Connected Shipping

Enhanced Freight Shipping Integration with R&L

Interested in using R&L freight shipping services but need them to be integrated with your ERP system? Pacejet is pleased to announce enhanced support for integrated quoting and shipping through R&L web services. Read on to learn more about how to include R&L transportation services in quoting and shipping workflows with your ERP system.

A third party logistics company using Pacejet’s enhanced shipping service integration with R&L Carriers to quote and fulfill orders

Automatic R&L Pickup Requests, Enhanced Quoting and Shipping Support, and Much More

The latest Pacejet integration of R&L services now supports enhanced services as well as automatically initiating a pickup request during shipping transactions. Quoting and shipping users can now reference more services for accurate pricing including options such as:

  • Excessive Length
  • Lift Gate Pickup
  • Residential Delivery
  • Limited Access Delivery and Pickup
  • Delivery Notification
  • Airport Delivery and Pickup
  • Dock Delivery and Pickup
  • Plus, many other services
Additionally, new support for the R&L tracking API now allows ERP users to view real-time status directly in the shipment summary view.

Get Started with Pacejet, Contact us Today!

Learn more about enhanced freight shipping service integration with R&L by contacting our support team. Our team would be happy to discuss your setup and provide advice on activating the enhanced integration.

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