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Fully Connected Shipping

Enhanced Freight Shipping Integration for USF Holland

Interested in or already using USF Holland regional freight shipping services but need them to be better integrated with your ERP system? Pacejet is pleased to announce enhanced support for ERP-integrated quoting and shipping via web services. Read on to learn more about enhanced freight shipping that saves you time, reduces errors, and improves service with ERP-integrated workflows.


Enhanced Integration for Your ERP

The latest Pacejet integration with USF Holland via web services now supports new classes of service, new accessorial services, and automatically initiates a pickup request during shipping transactions. Class of service support includes Interline Delivery, Inter-regional Delivery, and Regional Delivery. Administrators can enable shipping services support for accessorials such as Call for Appointment, Holiday Delivery, In Bond Fee, Protect from Freezing, Sorting and Segregating, Sunday Delivery, and more. As usual, your existing ERP integration can take advantage of the new features after activating the enhanced support in Pacejet.

Get Started

Learn more about enhanced shipping service integration with any carrier by contacting our support team. Please note that this enhanced integration support does not imply any endorsement by the carrier mentioned in this update, your contract and business relationship is entirely between your company and the carrier. Our team would be happy to discuss your setup and provide advice on activating any enhanced carrier integrations.

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