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Fully Connected Shipping

Enhance DHL Shipping with New Label Formats and More

DHL-Express_500px.jpgHave you reviewed your DHL Express shipping process lately? Consider upgrading your Pacejet configuration to support some of the latest DHL Express features and options to offer the best international service to your customers.

Pacejet just released an upgraded DHL Express integration with new API connectivity that provides enhanced shipping features. DHL Express provides excellent express parcel and package services backed by years of international shipping expertise. If you aren't already using this carrier, take a closer look, especially if international shipping improvements are on your list for 2018.

New and Improved Features

  • New 4x6 Labels: Expanded label format option for more flexible printing options.
  • New 4x8 Labels: Expanded label format option for more flexible printing options.
  • Latest API Version: Upgraded to the latest DHL API for the best performance and support.
  • Full Support: Full support of rating, shipping, and tracking transactions.

Having DHL Express as an option within Pacejet gives you the ability to rate shop while searching for the best solution for your international shipping needs. Whether you are just kicking off your partnership with DHL Express or are a long time user, these API updates will help you seamlessly manage your shipments through your ERP and via the API. 

Pacejet users can contact their support representative to coordinate the upgrade of their carrier connector with implementation of new shipping features. If you aren't sure who to contact, email help@pacejet.com and we'll get you connected to the right person. 

If you are new to Pacejet and are interested in upgrading your DHL service, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your business's efficiency and help you scale shipping along with your growing business.

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