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Fully Connected Shipping

Top digital trends currently disrupting supply chain management

In an age of digital disruption, the status quo of supply chain management just won’t cut it anymore. The connection and collection of data at this present time delivers the ability to track items, goods, or materials faster than ever before. As you think about digital disruption, have you thought about how it impacts your supply chain management?

It’s time to evaluate how you can use top digital trends to help transform your supply chain management and use data to empower agile innovation within your business. In the eBook below, Pacejet was featured for our technology and innovation around unifying platforms and supply chain optimization. Pacejet enables businesses to rate shop, connect to carriers in real-time, compile and view data, audit freight, and more, all within your ERP or legacy system.

Learn more about how Pacejet helps unify cloud-based solutions by clicking the button below. We are featured on page 3. Read about us as well as some of our other partners in the Microsoft Dynamics community.  

Download the eBook

In addition to information about how Pacejet can help enable cohesive shipping within your existing digital platforms, this eBook highlights the key components of the digital capabilities that are disrupting the industry by using data and technology to transform and optimize your supply chain management.

1.) Unified digital platforms
2.) Escalating customer expectations
3.) Data-driven supply chain
4.) Connecting a mobile workforce
5.) Analytic inventory management
6.) Intelligent business processes
7.) Tech-savvy workforce




Pacejet can help you exceed expectations

Pacejet transforms the shipping dock into a launching pad for profitability. This starts with a best-in-class cloud-based solution, surrounding it with the consultative support that enables customers to thrive in the 21st century shipping economy. Contact us today. Visit http://pacejet.com, call 877-722-3538, or email info@pacejet.com.

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