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DHL eCommerce Available in the Pacejet Carrier Network

Pacejet is pleased to announce integrated support for DHL eCommerce as the latest shipping carrier option in the Pacejet Carrier Network. DHL eCommerce (formerly DHL Global Mail) is the brand name being used to develop the DHL global ecommerce business for the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Middle East/Africa. 

Read more to find out about the benefits offered by DHL eCommerce and how you can activate this shipping carrier.



Why Customers Choose DHL eCommerce

DHL eCommerce provides domestic and international standard parcel delivery for business customers as well as fulfillment solutions and facilitation services. Offering a full range of cross-border shipping services covering more than 220 countries across the globe, DHL eCommerce may be a great option for your business if ecommerce growth and international expansion are on your horizon.

Some of the special solutions they offer international customers include "eFacilitation services," which makes it easier to manage international transactions, including duties and taxes. In the US, they offer a variety of domestic products, including a partnership with the United States Postal Service, which helps DHL with final-mile delivery and return pickups. Because of this partership, they are able to reach over 154 million addresses daily, six days a week.


Integration Notes

Activating the DHL eCommerce integration in Pacejet involves some basic configuration and training steps, once you've obtained an account. Integrated domestic and international shipping is supported with automatical label printing along with electronic rating, although not all classes of service are currently supported online via DHL. Integration also returns tracking numbers electronically and supports tracking links which can be saved in your ERP and used with other business processes (e.g., email confirmations, tracking in ERP, etc.)

One special support note is that DHL eCommerce requires use of the new Loads Module in Pacejet 17.1 (and later) to automatically generate the end of day shipping transaction and return/print the electronic manifest document from the carrier.



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 Please note that this enhanced integration does not imply endorsement by the carrier; your contract and business relationship will continue to be managed by your company and the carrier. 

Picture courtesy of Deutsche Post DHL on Flickr Creative Commons 

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