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Fully Connected Shipping

Finding growth with your own unique shipping formula

The collection of carriers, prices, and services you use to manage order fulfillment can be as unique as your business. One of my favorite Pacejet principles is that we are a champion for helping business grow with new innovation, new strategies, and new techniques for better and more impactful shipping.

Take a look at three of our current customers and how Pacejet has revolutionized how they quote, pack, and ship.

The Tool Nut saves 30% on shipping and reduces time from minutes to seconds
Thos. Baker reduces costs and improves service on 25% of warehouse orders
Wisteria streamlines parcel & LTL shipping process for easy e-commerce fulfillment

The Tool Nut

As a retailer of top brand tools and equipment, The Tool Nut has become a nationally renowned contractor and woodworker supply outfit. One of the ways that The Tool Nut provides exceptional customer service is by offering free shipping if their minimum purchase amount is met when a customer orders from their e-commerce website. As many of you know, free shipping can be a game changer for purchase decisions, but it puts some pressure on your operations team to manage and cover those costs.

The Tool Nut wanted a solution to help them evaluate the best carrier for each shipment in real-time to minimize costs. Using basic NetSuite shipping, multi-carrier quoting was difficult. That’s when they inquired about Pacejet. With our rate shopping technology, they were able to save 30% on shipping and reduced time from minutes to seconds. Learn more about how Pacejet helps The Tool Nut save one shipping by clicking the image below. 

“By using Pacejet, we can quickly work with multiple carriers in one solution to find the best shipping prices and reduce costs for our company and our customers. Running with one consistent pack, rate-shop, and ship process for all carriers also helps our team complete tasks in seconds that used to take minutes." —David Murry, General Manager at The Tool Nut



Thos. Baker

Thos. Baker is a leading retail, catalog, and e-commerce brand focused on outdoor living products, game room furnishings, and more. Shipping worldwide, Alan Blackford, the Chief Operations Officer of Thos. Baker, wanted to find a solution that would help their shipping line save money, bill third parties directly, and show shipping rates within their quoting process. Thos. Baker evaluated solutions and decided on Pacejet, implementing Pacejet enterprise shipping software with their NetSuite ERP.

With Pacejet in place, Thos. Baker was able to increase the use of less expensive parcel carriers instead of all LTLs (or freight carriers), from 12.5% to 36.7%. In addition to the use of more parcel carriers, Thos. Baker was able to save time by having access to real-time carrier quotes through one interface, which saved their sales team valuable time. Opening up their carrier network and being open to new ideas, Thos. Baker saved 25% overall on their warehouse orders with Pacejet. Learn more about how Thos. Baker saves daily on shipping by clicking the image below.



Wisteria, a distributor of unique furniture and decor, sells predominately through their e-commerce website, catalog, and company store. The team at Wisteria struggled to align systems across departments, which allowed for more room for error due to the sheer number of systems involved throughout the shipping process. By simplifying their systems, using NetSuite and adding a Pacejet integration, Wisteria was able to reduce errors due to manual order entry and disjointed shipping processes. The biggest value that Pacejet brings to Wisteria is transparency. Having one system that holds their data and insights helps the entire company, from their customer service team all the way to their shipping managers who can see what’s happening at every stage in the item's lifecycle.

“Pacejet helped streamline our shipping process by giving us a single user interface and simple process to manage multiple carriers and service options.” — Paul Srubar, Logistics Manager at Wisteria


Make shipping your competitive advantage

In what ways can Pacejet help your business grow? It’s simple; just ask. We are constantly telling prospective customers that if it’s possible within our network and platform, we can make it happen. There’s no shipping challenge that scares us; we are ready to hear all about it and then help solve your challenge with our software and our team of experts. Let’s connect and dig into how Pacejet can save you money, streamline your operations, and enhance your customer experience.


About Pacejet

Pacejet transforms the shipping dock into a launching pad for profitability. This starts with a best-in-class cloud-based solution, surrounding it with the consultative support that enables customers to thrive in the 21st-century shipping economy. 

For more information on Pacejet shipping software, visit http://pacejet.com, call 877-722-3538, or email info@pacejet.com.

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