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Fully Connected Shipping

New Carriers, Improved Integrations, But No Drones

With the Pacejet 15.4.1 release out and performing well, we're turning our attention to a number of carrier integration enhancements and new network carriers (sorry, though, we've not added any carriers yet who offer a Drone Delivery service). On the parcel front, Pacejet is releasing updates to Canada Post and DHL to address a few bugs, provide enhancements in response to API changes from these carriers, and support the new Commercial Plus pricing option with USPS. A few updates are being released to LTL carriers including A.Duei Pyle, Reddway, and USF Holland services and we'll be incrementally working on the name change-over from Con-way to XPO.  Finally, shippers who work with Unishippers will be pleased to know that we're about to release a new integration to this 3PL.  Please keep an eye out for other changes and improvements during the remainder of Q4.

USPS Commercial Plus

As you may have seen from an earlier blog post, Pacejet shippers can now access Commercial Plus pricing through a new program offered in partnership with Move Method (an authorized USPS partner). Shippers who may previously have not qualified for this extra level of discounts may be surprised by how much you can save. You will still be using Endicia if you choose to participate in this new program, although you'll need a new Endicia account as noted in the program Help materials.

Canada Post

Some customers were experiencing shipping errors to some international destinations when a commodity code was not included on some items. Although commodity codes are considered required data elements, a change was made to support some more automated look up to allow resolve some types of shipping errors in this situation. Also some customers reported 8.5x11 label creation in some situations even though 4x6 labels were configured, this issue has been corrected. A new integration connector is being released with these updates.

Updates to DHL

DHL recently released a change to their online API which affected the handling of declared value, causing errors for some shipments. Another recent change was to prevent fractional values on container dimensions.  In response, Pacejet is releasing an update to adjust the integration to transmit declared values as managed in Pacejet and to round fractional container dimensions as part of quoting and shipping activities involving DHL.

Updates to A.Duie Pyle

Some users may have received a recent security update notification from A.Duie Pyle requiring their customers to create a new MyPyle website account to allow valid use of their online API.  This change in requirements means that shippers must re-register their accounts in Pacejet with a new MyPyle ID that is now required by this carrier.  A new update is being released by Pacejet along with a new registration process for this new requirement; support can assist you in re-registering your account.

Reddaway and USF Holland

Users of Reddaway and USF Holland services are already aware that these separate services are also part of the overall YRC family of services. Several issues were discovered with handling of ResidentialNonCommercialDelivery and Inside Delivery services between Reddaway, USF Holland, and YRC services. An update is being released to separate each of these services into their own integration connector and to correctly handling special services for each option.

Con-way Naming to XPO

You may be aware of the acquisition of Con-way by XPO Logistics.  We received notice recently of branding changes to move all references to Con-way under the one XPO name. In response and over you'll see us making updates to support this branding change so don't worry when you see the Con-way name disappear.

New 3PL Unishippers

Several new and existing shippers have asked for Unishippers to be added to our carrier network, so we're pleased to announce upcoming availability.  The new integration connector has been completed, is in testing, and will be released soon.  Watch the blog for availability, search help, or contact support if you're interested in this 3PL.

Learn More or Take Action

For more information on the latest carrier features, search the Help system built into your Pacejet location. You can also contact support via support@pacejet.com or call us at 877-722-3538. Have an idea for a carrier you like to see added or a new service, reach out and lest us know. We're always looking for innovative carriers and services to help our shipper community reduce cost and  improve service.

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