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Fully Connected Shipping

Pacejet launches Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integration

Pacejet enterprise shipping software is pleased to announce our newly integrated, cloud-based multi-carrier shipping solution for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. 

The world of Microsoft is changing and Pacejet is ready to tackle Dynamics 365 shipping challenges. Our best-in-class, award-winning, cloud shipping software now integrates with your Microsoft ERP. Read on to learn more about our stand-out features and details about our integration.

Key features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central shipping with Pacejet

Our purpose-built integration will give legacy Microsoft shippers a bridge into better shipping through the cloud as they move to Business Central. We have created a streamlined integration that offers parcel, LTL, 3PL, and other shipping services to help your team ship quicker, more efficiently, and at a lower cost than yesterday's parcel-only solutions.

“Pacejet was born in the cloud. We re-imagined shipping software as a carrier-connected network and grew rapidly to ship billions of dollars’ worth of products,” said Bill Knapp, CEO of Pacejet. “Our users now employ shipping as an agile tool to effectively innovate and grow business. Easy access to new carriers, real-time visibility, and optimized fulfillment help our shippers continuously evolve their operations as they both mature and expand.”

Here are some of our core features available through the integration:

  • Cloud-based solution - You'll have no on-premise installations, no costly software licenses that never end. Instead, enjoy automatic upgrades for new features from the Pacejet cloud shipping software for a reasonable annual subscription. One thing we pride ourselves on at Pacejet is comprehensive and efficient implementation process that transitions to a knowledgeable support team once you go live. Customers come first and that’s just how we operate.
  • Parcel, Freight, 3PL, and more, all in one system - No need to move throughout multiple portals and systems to process your business shipments. Process pallets to businesses and boxes to customers all through your ERP with Pacejet’s integration. A 2018 FedEx Platinum award winner, Pacejet is known for innovation, excellence, and successful customers.
  • Multi-carrier rate shopping - With Pacejet's cloud shipping software in place, you’ll be able to rate shop through all of your connected carriers to ensure you get the best rate and time that meets your needs with every shipment. Learn more about our rate shopping technology by visiting our website by clicking here
  • RESTful API access - Our integration allows for access to our DIY rules and data mapping to help you customize your shipping solution to meet your specific business needs.

Harness the power of Pacejet's cloud shipping software through your Microsoft environment, have access to more carriers, see platform updates happen in real-time without any leg-work on your part, rate shop for better pricing, get actionable analytics, and more.

More than just a system

We aren’t your typical legacy software. Pacejet takes the science of shippingTM, a strategy and solutions framework, to the cloud to help solve all your shipping challenges, enable better visibility, and save your business money and time on your shipping.

Pacejet Shipping Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Expanding our cloud-based shipping community

At Pacejet, we are well-known for presence within the Oracle NetSuite with a cultivated integration over the last 9 years. Recently named the 2017 Oracle NetSuite SuiteCloud Partner of the Year award, we pride ourselves on innovation and want to transform the shipping industry during the age of Amazonification. Helping business apply the science of shippingTM as they grow, we strive to help other ERP solution users, including Dynamics 365, with their every day shipping challenges.

“We’re in a time when shipping has never been more strategically important, when the Amazon effect, double-digit e-commerce growth, and lean supply chains can make or break a business. “said Ron Lee, CTO/CMO of Pacejet. “We’re thrilled to be helping Microsoft Dynamics 365 users leverage the Pacejet platform to make better shipping an integral part of their business growth formula.”

Interested in learning more?

Visit our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central page on the Pacejet website to learn more about how our integration works. Reach out to our team by clicking the button below and discover how Pacejet can help reduce your shipping costs, improve your customer service, and streamline your operations, all in a cloud-based solution.

For more information about our launch, read our recent press release

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