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Fully Connected Shipping

Better Visibility with the Shipment Summary Report

One of the major benefits of multi-carrier shipping software (like Pacejet, of course, but really any multi-carrier system) is that all of your quoting, shipping, tracking, and system administration is done using one, easy tool. Another advantage of a multi-carrier software system is that a complete, multi-carrier history of all of your shipments is recorded and accessible in one place rather than spread out across multiple software systems. Today's post provides a quick video demo of one of the most popular and simplest ways to leverage shipping data using the Pacejet "shipment summary" report.

Operations Manager


The Pacejet shipment summary report gives you easy access to search across a date range, by carrier, and by status and display a full record of shipments matching the criteria. The video shows how you can easily zoom in on a specific carrier, viewing details like shipments, containers, tracking numbers, price, cost, and more. You can also then zoom out to see all shipments for all carriers during the period and even export data into popular formats like PDF, Word, or Excel.



Central and one-click access to all your shipping data can be extremely valuable in many different situations. Use the data to review carrier pricing, show carriers the pricing you get from other carriers, and negotiate better terms. A simple summary of data can also help you audit your invoices for discrepancies. Or simply produce a daily shipping report to help your team always keep a firm handle on the volume of shipments, types of services, and prices/costs you manage each day.

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