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Fully Connected Shipping

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Shane Heinz
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Are You Optimizing Your Supply Chain with Data-Driven Decisions?

Pacejet - Tips and Tricks

Do you often find yourself scrambling to create a carrier spend report and end up wasting time on multiple sites to collect simple data points? What about any frustrations building complete visibility into shipping times?

Centralize your reporting processes and take the guesswork out of business decisions with a Fully Connected Shipping solution.

Truck Freight Increasing 3.8 Billion Tons by 2045

The freight transportation industry is responsible for 4.3% of the U.S. GDP, employing millions of people across the country with expectations to grow steadily. The latest Freight Facts and Figures (2019) report from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) indicates that we could see a 1.2% increase in U.S. tonnage per year between 2018 and 2045, with truck freight increasing by more than 3.8 billion tons. Despite continued indications that the U.S. is facing a driver shortagetrucking continues to be the largest employment sector within transportation and has experienced continued growth for the last 20 years.

Setting up 2020 Holiday Shipping Success

Pacejet - Holidays

As the holidays approachpreparation is key to a successful shipping season this year more than ever. Online retail purchases are expected to grow 18.5% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If your team isn’t prepared, it can lead to a stressful peak shipping season. How are you preparing your warehouse and team to create a less hectic holiday period?