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Fully Connected Shipping

Sam Bush

Sam Bush

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Acumatica Summit 2021 Overview and Highlights

Pacejet - Acumatica

Acumatica Summit 2021 has come to a close, and I am happy to say, it was the best one yet. This year there were more Acumatica customers than resellers for the first time ever. 

We had a great time connecting with the Acumatica community and loved speaking to our customers, partners, friends, and other Acumatica users during our time in Vegas. Thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth or made time to speak with us during the event. We enjoyed learning about you and explaining how Pacejet’s integration provides Fully Connected shipping software for Acumatica.

Keep reading for an overview and all the highlights we experienced while at Acumatica Summit.

2020 Pacejet Customer Care Holiday Schedule & Hours

Pacejet - Tips and Tricks, Pacejet - Customer Experience

Happy New Year! Pacejet is gearing up for a fantastic 2020, filled with additional hands-on capabilities, carrier upgrades, enhancements, and more. Our Support and Services teams are rested and ready for the year ahead. At Pacejet, we operate by a few guiding principles and the one that's top of mind right now is our commitment to customer excellence.

We can only achieve customer excellence by managing expectations, bringing innovated solutions to the table, and being available to help your team. With that said, let's talk about our Customer Care/ Support hours and schedules. 

Grow Your Supply Chain with Pacejet's Growing Platform

Pacejet - Success Stories, Pacejet - Strategy

How do you stay ahead of the competition while saving money, improving efficiency, and rounding out your supply chain ecosystem? Consider implementing Pacejet into your ERP system, as you can continue to grow with our growing platform. 

4 Essentials for Fully Connected  Shipping in the Modern Enterprise

Pacejet - ERP, Pacejet - Extra, Pacejet - Articles, Pacejet - Partners, Pacejet - Customer Experience

Whether your business ships parcels to people, pallets to stores, or a combination of both, the agility of your shipping ecosystem can make or break your bottom line. By leveraging a fully connected system, you are able to remove outdated systems and technology, saving you time and money. We’ve put together the 4 essentials you need to elevate your business to a modern enterprise. 

Remove outdated systems, multiple portals, and time-consuming manual entry with these key insights.