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Ron Lee

Ron Lee
Software and Cloud entrepreneur, technologist, marketer. CTO, CMO, and Co-Founder of @pacejet.
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How to assess your carrier strategy as a shipper


How does your business choose which carriers to ship with? The difference between carriers comes down to more than rates—also important is their level of service and reliability to deliver your products. There are various factors that influence whether you should utilize a particular carrier, and these factors make diversification important.

Staffing to support employee retention


When the labor market is tight, or an “employees’ market,” companies do all they can to attract and retain staff. They must evaluate their staffing strategy if they’re experiencing gaps in their hiring process. No matter the current labor market, companies would do well to keep their employees satisfied and maintain the best practices for staffing, whether for back-office positions or warehouse operations.

6 types of customer shipping requirements


When you’ve earned a new customer or trading partner, there are preparations that must be made before shipping the first order—accommodating their requirements for incoming freight. Receivers each have their own rules for shippers to standardize their process and avoid operational problems. Correcting issues can cost them money, and as a result, they charge any shipper that isn’t compliant. To avoid unexpected fees with a new customer, it’s imperative to follow their requirements.

How to plan shipping for your new product launch


Your workflows and processes are the tools your business depends on to maintain high standards in operation. It’s important to ensure they are continuing to work smoothly—without errors and being time and cost-effective. An audit and assessment of your shipping practices can save your business money in the long run and catch mistakes where funds can be immediately recuperated.