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The science of shipping with Pacejet

Ron Lee

Ron Lee
Software and Cloud entrepreneur, technologist, marketer. CTO, CMO, and Co-Founder of @pacejet.
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Use shipping insurance to protect your customers and your reputation

News, Tips and Tricks

Nothing wrecks an e-commerce shopping experience quite like "porch piracy". Unfortunately, data recently published by Experian indicates that shipping fraud increased 37% in 2017 with the Western U.S. experiencing an almost 60% increase! So while it's exciting to see e-commerce sales continue to soar with double-digit growth rates, shipping fraud is growing even faster and threatening to ruin the party.

If theft, damage, loss, or other shipping risks are a concern for your business, take a closer look at and provide your input on "Pacejet Protection", a new "All-Risk" shipping insurance program being developed by Pacejet. The goals of Pacejet Protection are to provide better insurance coverage for parcel and freight, offer lower prices with increased coverage, make claims quick and easy, and integrate coverage selection efficiently into your shipping process.

Read on to learn more and take our shipping insurance survey to provide your feedback.

Pacejet brings Dicom into growing carrier network


Founded in 1968 as a courier service, Dicom started off with just one car and one driver. Evolving into a company that now serves customers across North America to fulfill around 75,000 shipments daily from a variety of industries and verticals. Dicom focuses on B2B customers in the U.S. and Canada through express, freight, and logistics services by tailoring and optimizing each and every customer’s specific needs into their workflow. This is one of the reasons we decided to partner with Dicom - they are constantly innovating.

More on Pacejet Auto Packing

New Features, Customer Experience

One of Pacejet’s modules is Auto Packing, which is an added feature to the platform that many customers find useful. This can be implemented to help automate the creation of packages during the freight quoting process. Want to learn more about Pacejet Auto Packing? 

Shipping quotes with line-level control find the best delivery plan for each order

New Features, Strategy

Using multiple fulfillment locations is an effective way to boost delivery speed and lower shipping costs, but the strategy introduces some thorny sourcing and shipping cost issues. For example, if you allow one sales order to source order lines from multiple facilities or drop ship to multiple customer locations, how can you quickly and accurately quote shipping costs for the entire order while rate shopping to find the lowest price for multiple required shipments?

Fortunately, the Pacejet RESTful API makes it possible to embed sophisticated shipment quoting and rate-shopping into any ERP system, allowing users to click one "easy button" for optimized delivery planning. To dig a little deeper into solutions for multi-site fulfillment, this post provides an overview and demo of Pacejet Shipping Quotes for NetSuite, a good example of a simple quoting and rate-shopping solution that supports some surprisingly complex order fulfillment scenarios. 

Read on to learn more and view a short demo video.

Pacejet loves to uncover shipping trends and truths that help us improve customer operations, save money, and move businesses forward. That's why we believe in the science of shipping—because companies are ever-evolving and data, analytics, and flashes of brilliance can help you get where you want to go.

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