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Pacejet, a Divison of 3Gtms

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We are thrilled to announce that 3Gtms has acquired Pacejet (now Pacejet, a division of 3Gtms) expanding our capabilities to deliver significant value to the mid-market in particular. Merged for an exciting future, our combined expertise will enable even higher growth. Read on to learn more about 3Gtms and our plans for the future. 

Pacejet Shipping Software Achieves FedEx Platinum Award

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We are pleased to announce that Pacejet has achieved FedEx Platinum for 2020. The Platinum award is limited to a small number of top tier providers of the several hundred in the FedEx program. Criteria includes the overall volume of FedEx shipping, growth, technology, strategic fit with FedEx directions, and maintaining certification on the latest FedEx APIs. Our commitment to excellence extends to our service levels with top carriers. Read on to learn more. 

Expanded Services via ExFreight Integration

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Pacejet is pleased to announce a new carrier integration upgrade for ExFreight services. The enhanced ExFreight integration includes support for air, ocean, and truckload classes of service as well as new processing features. ExFreight offers many innovative and price-competitive freight and international shipping services, so read on for more details if new shipping options are on your radar.

5 Power-User Features To Help with Shipping Spikes (Pt 2)

Pacejet - News

Shipping spikes can be tricky to manage, whether they are predictable by season or impact your business without warning. Since many shippers seem to have some types of volume spikes to manage, we thought we'd spend a few posts covering some power-user features that might help you put the hammer down when you need a productivity boost. Today's post includes a 3 minute video demo and is focused on using Pacejet as a shipping engine to quickly process shipments without any UI (aka user interface).