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Fully Connected Shipping

Learn how AllCells solves their complex shipping challenges with Pacejet

AllCells was founded in 1988 to fill a need that Jay Tong, President and CEO of AllCells noticed to help clinics and hospitals receive human tissue and cells quickly in order to perform important researchand possibly save lives in the process. Shipping human cells requires a complex level of shipping parameterswhen searching for a solution to help them within their NetSuite environment, Pacejet was a no-brainer for AllCells.


Shipping “All the Right Cells” to all the right places

AllCells needed a solution that would help their business guarantee delivery across the country with ease. With an average of 65-85 shipments monthly, the need for a better solution for their time-sensitive shipments was important. Struggling to handle things ahead of time due to the pricing changes with carriers and the time-sensitivity with each shipment, AllCells needed a streamlined shipping solution to enable better processes.

Pacejet helped AllCells create a reliable workflow to allow shipping nationally to include price transparency, with dry ice included, directly through their NetSuite ERP. Having one multi-carrier shipping system helped them save valuable time in their shipping process.

“With Pacejet, we were able to streamline complex shipping operations and ensure transparent pricing for customers at the point of sale. Now we can tell our customers that shipments will be delivered quickly in perfect condition: as cold as ice.” 

         —Thomas Hoang, Enterprise Systems Administrator, AllCells


This is what it looks like when Pacejet helps businesses apply the science of shippingTMRead more about Pacejet and AllCells together by clicking the button below.

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Pacejet can help you exceed expectations

Pacejet transforms the shipping dock into a launching pad for profitability. This starts with a best-in-class cloud-based solution, surrounding it with the consultative support that enables customers to thrive in the 21st century shipping economy. Contact us today to learn about our multi-carrier shipping system. Visit http://pacejet.com, call 877-722-3538, or email info@pacejet.com.


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