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Fully Connected Shipping

Making sure your packages find the correct location just got easier!

Pacejet is happy to announce an update to the API that allows shippers to leverage address validation. Businesses will be able to connect robust electronic address validation to Pacejet shipping software or any other software application to improve and streamline efforts to pinpoint the correct address with fewer errors.

The update will allow your business to take advantage of four distinct address validation services including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Pacejet through one flexible APIUse county, time zone, area code, longitude, latitude, and other extended data from FedEx and Pacejet services to automate tax calculations and other business processes.

twenty20_51a4c58b-ebd7-4f19-a151-6b7119274fda-337789-edited.jpgAddress validation business benefits

-Avoid costly errors - You will have the ability to automatically check and correct address errors to avoid shipping mistakes. We’re sure you’ve had times when your shipment has arrived to the wrong location, been returned, and then had to be replaced or refunded. It can be a frustrating process to deal with and avoiding this issue is simple with the Address Validation API update.

-Detect residential delivery - Using this service will help you identify residential versus commercial address to ensure the required shipping services are included in your shipment as well as pricing.

-Street level verification - For US addresses, street level verify with Delivery Point Validation™ (DPV®) for appropriate services.

-Improve export shipping - This update will be available for international address validation options covering 47 countries.

 Do you need address validation?

Now you can rely on correct addresses and leverage extended geographical data for better service to your customers with fewer errors. Are you ready to learn more about how adding Address Validation to your Pacejet API could help your business bottom line?

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 You Need Address Validation

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