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Fully Connected Shipping

Enterprise Shipping for the Acumatica Cloud ERP

Pacejet is pleased to announce new integrated multi-carrier shipping support for the Acumatica cloud ERP system. Leveraging the Pacejet API for RESTful integration, the new solution embeds exciting new features for parcel and freight shipping, rate-shopping, enhanced packing, and more into the Acumatica ERP application. Acumatica users can choose to add Pacejet multi-carrier shipping support only or use Pacejet with the Fusion WMS module for integrated warehouse management and multi-carrier shipping. Learn more on the Acumatica integration page.


Key Features for Acumatica Shipping

In developing the new Acumatica shipping solution Pacejet partnered with the team at Fusion to leverage their expertise in Acumatica technology for complete and native integration and a more comprehensive range of fulfillment functionality. The result is an easier and more efficient "embedded" user experience with a wide range of functionality including:

  • Parcel, Freight, 3PL in One = Users can leverage hundreds of integrated services in the Pacejet network
  • Quotes with Rate-Shopping = Built-in calculator to quote shipping costs quickly and find lowest cost options
  • Complete Freight Shipping = Pack up skids, manage freight classes, capture ProNum, print bill of lading
  • Enhanced Packing = Capture container dimensions, weight, item contents to improve accuracy and automation
  • Real-Time Integration = API-based integration of Acumatica to shipping carriers for fast, efficient, real-time speed
  • Cloud Software = No on-premise installations, no software licenses, automatic upgrades with new features

More Advanced Options and Flexibility

Another key advantage the Pacejet shipping solution for Acumatica is that users can start with a complete multi-carrier shipping foundation and scale-up to use more enhanced fulfillment features when they need them:

  • Warehouse Management = Upgrade to use Pacejet shipping with the Fusion WMS module
  • Pack and Auto Ship = Option to pack and automatically process shipments with no screens
  • Enhanced Paperwork = Choose extended paperwork like a combined pack list and ship label
  • Branded Email Notifications = Optionally use shipment email notifications with your brand

Learn More

Visit the Acumatica integration page on the Pacejet website to learn more about the new Acumatica shipping solution by Pacejet. Reach out to discuss your needs and learn more about how Pacejet can help reduce your shipping costs and improve customer service. For more information on the announcement of Pacejet's new integration with Acumatica, please read our press release.

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