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Fully Connected Shipping

4 Things a Shipping API Can Do For Your Business

PacejetAPI.pngEvery business wants to be a fast shipper with competitive rates and great service, while minimizing overhead. But goals and results can be two different things. That's why we invented the Pacejet Shipping API, to easily allow businesses to scale their shipping operations and connect with multiple carriers in one place while easily comparing shipping rates.

System integrators, resellers, or any developer responsible for business application software will love the access, control, and flexibility to connect and transact with many freight, parcel, 3PL carriers and shipping services through the API.

Learn more about what a shipping API can do for you...

1. Enable any software to have shipping functionality

The Pacejet Shipping API allows any software or cloud application to use Pacejet shipping software functionality for quoting and shipping. ERP systems can add shipping for sales orders, transfers, service orders, or other transactions. WMS software can automate pick and packing on mobile scanning and add integrated shipping. Purchasing systems can add freight quotes with rate shopping for drop-ship or inbound shipments

Do you have a custom piece of technology or a brand new cloud-based ERP that offers few direct integrations? With Pacejet's API, you can enable shipping functionality for virtually any type of cloud-based system.

2. Add real-time shipping resources to ecommerce systems

Ecommerce websites come to us wanting to know how they can compete in a market where companies like Amazon have  raised consumer expectations on shipping. Smaller ecommerce stores don’t have the same level of resources as an Amazon. With the Pacejet Shipping API, customers can use some of the same tactics of the big companies by leveraging multiple carriers and offering the cheapest rates and fastest options possible.

Unlike competitors, Pacejet customers can expand their freight quotes for both parcel carriers and freight shipping. With the API integrated, these sites can quote shipping prices with negotiated rates in real-time, keeping shoppers engaged and completing more transactions per day. 

3. Improve automation and execution

Process shipments, print labels and paperwork, and capture details needed to keep shipping execution running smoothly. RF Scanning software can provide picking and use Pacejet pack and ship for complete automation.

For the technical readers, we even offer UI or No-UI, which supports use-cases with full automation in “headless” mode without user interface actions.

4. Automatic carrier certifications and systems upgrades

Some shipping software companies tout cheap prices, but really only connect one or two parcel carriers for relatively low volume shippers. Our customers know they need more. Pacejet offers a Carrier Network with hundreds of parcel, freight, 3PL carriers and shipping services options with more added each quarter. We also work hard to make sure that carrier certifications with UPS, FedEx, USPS, and others are maintained and upgraded continuously.

In addition to this, you'll receive the latest in features from Pacejet, directly upgraded through your API connection. No need for time consuming manual upgrades.


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